Women take charge of everything else, then why not money? Is it time to put your own #FinancialFitness on priority?

In partnership with AMFI join the movement and tell us how we can all achieve our goals to financial independence. Share below in comments.

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Usha Pillai Pune

Education empowers women to be independent . Economic independency further empower a women to have her 'say' in every decisions at home .

Neha Singh Gurgaon

This allows us to be able to shape our futures in the ways we truly desire, completely independent of anyone else’s approval and backing.

Syeda Mian Farya Rasul Dhaka

Im writing because i sgree with the article

Reena Bangalore

Financial Literacy/awareness for women is a must.

Shweta Bhutani Delhi

It is very important for a women to be financially independent it gives you a confidence to be what you are

Kajal Kapur Gurgaon

Not only does sound financial knowledge help one sustain their present but also secures their future.

Ishita Sharma Delhi

Each woman, since her childhood, should be explained the meaning and importance of her being financially independent. It can make the biggest difference.

Kashmira Bahadur Meerut

I grew up in a traditional home. Until I realised I didn't have any standing in society without my own money, I didn't learn

Apoorva Gurgaon

Truly defines flying free in this sky. Earn more spend more, sure save as well and fulfill ur dreams first

Tripti Bengaluru

Make you Independent, Gain the Respect in society, Supportive pillar for your family and child, Raises Self-Confidence, and the ability to take your own decisions

Manjari Rajababu Madras

We are all in this pandemic, that should make us realise what it takes to build on our funds. This was a scary situation

Pratinidhi Salotra Greater Kailash, Delhi

Like a sapling, we need to nourish these thoughts in our children's mind. Money is what gets them to fulfil their dreams.

Shruti Nath Gurgaon

'Financial Fitness' for me is not just earning the money, but also the independence of spending, investing, and saving it without being answerable to anyone.

Ashwini Gupta Delhi

As an enlightened man I extend whole-hearted support to your cause and your portal. I am ready to take up an active role in this.

Anila Naik Babu Nagpur

I got divorced at 26. I realised the importance of money after that. Should we not learn earlier? Gud campaign.

Manali Srikhar Bengaluru

Financial knowledge is only now emerging among women. Let's not think all women think of it. Many moms don't teacher kids either

Ashitha Singh Salem

I have a view that women if don't know money it's okay but they must, absolutely must get legitimate financial advise.

Pratima Singhal Hong Kong

As a woman I will simply say, financial fitness is key to your following your own dreams. Forget about others, focus on yourself

Anju Mumbai

It's important for us to take this pledge and thank you AMFI for thinking of women. We must push ourselves to know more

Mona Bhatia Belgaum

I am a doctor and the biggest asset I have is that I earn my own money. It help you command respect.

Bani Mohindra Chandigarh

Building blocks to our life are roti kapda and makaan. Thats what one heard. Now I feel its knowledge and control over finances

Meghana Bengaluru

It really Feels better to be financially independent, me at an age of 20 gained my eternal independence & Freedom by managing my career.

Kashmira Jha Mumbai

It's important to know your budget and plan accordingly. Work hard and don't be financially dependant on anyone. Manage your salary and finances well.

Sheetal Khetani Mumbai

Even though women's are independent but attimes are prevented to take charge on investments, so its imp to invest & have financial safety specially singlewomens.

Ruparani Bangalore

I'm the man of the house,feel proud that being women I have become tiger in men organisation.

Ranjana Tewari Pune

It is never too late to decide on being fiancially fit and secure and what better time than this.

Fatima Arif Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Women have always had an upper hand in managing things efficiently and they ace at saving and investing money for better purposes!

Anjalee K New Jersey

I worked 4 jobs in college to make ends meet, and learned how to manage money from scratch. More $ education needed. Especially poorer individuals.

Paridhi Bisht Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Financial dependence, indirectly, implies being subjugated and compromising on things you should not. Ladies, take control of your accounts and invest wisely!

Savita Nair Malviya Nagar J-79 Khidki Section Near Kirshna Mandir

Financial fitness is important for a woman because it not only helps one in fulfilling their long-term goals but also instills a sense of security.

Peehu Kapoor New Delhi

Am a freelance makeup artist and its never easy to be one. Your income is erratic . But your investments should not be so.

Jasleen Kaur New Delhi

Nothing is batter then the feeling of not being depend on anyone. When a women start taking her financial decisions that's being actual freedom.

Prachi Khare Delhi

Every person needs to be financially independent so that they can achieve their goals and mould their life in a way that suits them.

Shivangi Rai Uttar Pradesh

Financial independence is very important for a woman so she never needs to hold out her hand in front of anyone if she needs anything.

Sanskruti New Delhi

Financially independent women are more capable of making strong decisions. This increases their confidence ,self respect and boosts their morale and sense of responsibility.

Aparna Yadav New Delhi

Switch to a savings budget from your spending budget.

Shivani Makhija Ahmedabad

Womens now a days are equivalent to mens . Financial independence is imp for a women to be independent of any other sources

Shreyasi Dutta Shahdara, Delhi

Being financially fit gives you a stand in this patriarchal society. It assures upliftment of life and security with independence of choice.

Pooja Makkar Delhi

Women can & should take control of their money. Your hard work, your money and you should decide the way it grows!

Shivangi Chopra Lucknow

To ensure financial independence we need to let women believe in their abilities to invest money properly,we need to be supportive and not cynical.

Shruti Agrawal Odisha

Financial independence of women is important because it will keep their self esteem intact, they won't have to ask men everytime for their small needs.

Shagun Bhardwaj Rohini, Delhi

Now women have more financial responsibility for themselves and their families too. so it's important that women know how to invest for the future.

Chaganti Anuradha Nagpur

I always feel that a woman must have some earning ,which gives her confidence and security according to today's world.

Gauri Kamath Pune

To achieve financial independence, it will be helpful if you have a financial plan and budget.

Ira Shah Pune

Education is important to gain financial independance. You should also believe in yourself and don't settle for less

Afshan Parveen Jamia Nagar, New Delhi

Teaching women about the importance of financial independence and hence the ways of investing it efficiently is what they should be made aware of

Anjali Runwal Pune

Women should be aware and with financial fitness they will be on top of their game.

Harleen Kaur Delhi

Enhancement of personality and mind can up the game of financial fitness among females leading to a better society for them....

Meghna Tyagi Delhi

Obviously, no one can handle the financial matters like a woman can But for this a women should display her potential to the fullest.

Saloni Chhabra Uttar Pradesh

Women have always been very logical and reasonable with savings. With the uprising of financial literacy, it won't be hard for women to take charge.

Aashna Gautam Buddha Nagar

Women are the backbone of the household, giving them the right to take charge of money isn't something that should be denied.

Jassi Dwarka

I am a mother of a child and I safe not just for me but for my family as well.

Akshita Arora Dwarka

I believe that saving and earning should go hand in hand because it’s good for us and our future

Aadhyaa Singh Patna

Financial independence should be the foremost aspiration of each and every individual. It helps you to face the world with utmost confidence.

Harneet Kaur Vasant Kunj

Women call themselves independent and I think we should be independent in this also without asking men for favours

Gurpreet Kaur New Delhi

I take tuitions at home and have 2 children I save for them because I think it’s necessary because I want to be financially fit

Bharti Sinha Dwarka

Being a mother and a teacher I safe what I earn and I consider myself to be financially stable and will recommend it to other

Vrinda Sinha Dwarka

Being women I think it’s really important to be stable financially without being dependent on man. Because that’s equality

Kaushal Rawat Faridabad

Money is assest.. Which will help women to combat hardships in life and gives her a feeling of self reliance...

Tanya Kathuria Ballabgarh

i feel very happy and fit...

Radhika Kathuria Faridabad

Increase your earning base by investing your money in profitable avenues. Never depend on single source of income.radhika

Pammi Jain Indore

Financial fitness is important to have -freedom -, Remote control of your life in your hand . You can lead a beautiful life .

Shourya Sojatia Pune

Financial fitness is significant as in the long run it will help you grow and achieve more

Simran Bhat Faridabdad

Financally stable is important aim of everyone's life form bringing of their career's as far as we can secure ourselves though it!

Abha Garg Lucknow

Money for women is a basic necessity for running her home efficiently and effectively.

Manya Gupta New Delhi

Saving and investing is the key to financial independence.

Harleen Kaur New Delhi

Indian women have always been a pro at savings but it's not enough, they need to invest too, even if with help of an advisor.

Anjali Sharma Faridabad

Well the key is to work from an early age and work harder...That's the most I have learnt!!

Mehak Sehra Delhi

We all can achieve financial independence by working hard and smart towards achieving our goals. It's important to uplift each other.

Mansi Gill Delhi

Women work in workforce, soaring in careers, and inheritance, growing amount in wealth globally.

Sapna Dwivedi Delhi

Financial fitness is one of the most important key to make ourselves independent and stronger in every phase of life.

Shreya Pandey Haldwani

Financial support is necessary as it makes me independent and I know that i can manage money more efficiently.

Bandhana Kumari Punjab

When starting on this journey. It's important to set goals.There are three key things to keep in mind.Your financial goals should be:1. Measurable 2.Realistic 3.Written

Aditya Negi Badarpur

They can plan for unforeseen events Regular track on investments Personalized financial plans

Jayti Singh Indore

No woman should be dependent on anyone for a basic necessity such as money. More and more women should understand this and be self-reliant.

Tanya Nagar Delhi

Financial independence is all we need to sustain our lives and when we are financially independent we can also make our dreams come true.

Harshita New Delhi

Get an education... Don't depend on someone else for the financial support. Organize your finances and have a good grip on where you stand individually.

Nida Khan New Delhi

Financial independence is one of most important priority for women of today's era. It's important as it gives you power to start and stand alone.

Muskaan Sharma New Delhi

It's the 21st century. Women need to be financially independent of men more than ever. Patriarchy has to come to an end now.

Kiran Yadav New Delhi

I think women who have control over money find themselves more empowered in this competitive world.

Khushi Singhal Delhi

By keeping yourself as your top priority and keeping in mind that becoming your own boss is must. So self determination should be build.

Soumya Pandey Lucknow

Money is important for women so they can be independent and fulfill their small needs without being dependent on men. Money is freedom.

Jaspreet Kaur Kohli Kota

Give your savings a direction. Need based savings are always a big support. Every woman should plan for an independent retirement. #TrueFinancialFitness

Richa Fulara Delhi

By getting proper education and a good job we can achieve financial independence

Khushi Sethi Delhi

To achieve financial independence it is important to learn and be aware about it. It can be achieved when women are taught about it.

Zuhal Akbari New Delhi

It is important for all women to be financially independent as to stop feeling dependent, to meet the rising cost of living, to feel responsible.

Katyayani Joshi Lucknow

To remove the dependency tag from my dictionary is important. Without money I can't be independent so money is an important factor of being free.

Nandni Sharma Delhi

Saving to create oneself self-reliant is the key. Even if one can’t work in a traditional manner savings can help them go a long way!

Priya Sojatia Indore

It’s is important for women to be aware and for them to take a portion of their salary and invest it

Debyani Mukherjee Delhi

It's really important for women to be Financially independent, after all she too has dreams and aspirations in her life.

Ritika Kaushik Faridabad

We always spent our life in thinking about others but now it's time to 'Be You'. So keep yourself financially fit.

Ishani Bangalore

Financial independence is empowering and will make women self-reliant. Spend money mindfully, save as much as possible and invest wisely to gain #Financialfitness

Priya Rawat Noida

Financial independence for women is the ultimate empowerment. Being financially independent is the most important road to reach the destination called EQUALITY!!

Saumya Tiwari New Delhi

Your decision, choices and dreams become completely yours only when you are able to bear their financial burden. There is no independence without financial independence.

Mamta Gupta Faridabad

I have always rigorously saved my money. Despite having a smaller amount, I have tried to manage my expenses well and save at least 30%

Shreya Singh Noida

More women in finance corresponds to enhanced socially conscious investments as they can cater to creating an environment of learning and teaching to many others.

Shreya Thukral Delhi

women should have something to fall back on when there is no one to support them financially.

Poorvi Gupta Faridabad

Writing down all my expenses at the beginning of every month and gaugr over my expenses, savings and the money I am drawing really helps.

Vaidehi Arora Delhi

Women should be empowered from their childhood just like men so that they feel equally responsible to men to share the financial burden.

Tanya Chauhan Haryana

When women are financially secure, they don't worry about moving out of their toxic relationships and taking care of their family.

Lynette Minz New Delhi

With growing emphasis on physical fitness it's high time that women take charge of their financial fitness as well.

Tanishka Bisht Gurgaon

Financial fitness is extremely important for a woman because it gives her a sense of independence and self reliability .She can decisions more freely.

Probir Arora New Delhi

Financial fitness sometimes works as a catalyst for freedom of speech and enables one in taking up challenging/ difficult tasks.

Disha Delhi

Work & have your partner chip in to a proportionate amount!

Nina Kler Delhi

If a woman isn’t financially secure she will forever depend on others and be an easy target for abuse. Earning is the most empowering tool!

Ishita Chhikara New Delhi

Firstly by making our investments secondly being equally involved in financial discussion and also their end decisions

Anna Shalini Mumbai

It is a must for women to be more independent and empowered. Invest in your future wisely by Making smart investments and investing in yourself.

Charu Thukral Jaipur

Financial independence is not a choice, it’s an equal right/need. Successful women helping other women striving to achieve success is the need of hour.

Karishma Bengaluru

Women should focus on financial independence as well so that they never have to resort to men for their requirements in life.

Rashi Delhi

Educate ourselves about the various investment opportunities we have (both private and tax saving options) and DO invest to save up for OUR OWN SELF!!

Shelly Goyal Delhi

A woman isn't independent untill she achieves financial independence. To start with, one should follow 50 (essential) : 30 (luxury) : 20 (savings) spending rule.

Sonal Holland Mumbai

Self-investment pays the best rate of interest. I have always believed in upgrading my knowledge & skills, whenever possible. In the end, that is bankable.

Charu Gupta Chakravorty Ghaziabad

Financial fitness is important for everyone irrespective of the gender. Should be instilled in children when young . Parents play a vital role here.

Lia Mukherjee California

For women it’s important to be financially independent. We are anyways emotionally stronger being and the finance just make our base thicker than cement.

Ratneshwar Banerjee Bengaluru

Evaluating one’s discretionary and non discretionary spends is important. regular investing, paying credit card dues in full and conserving cash for exigencies is helpful.

Archana Pai Kulkarni Pune

Build a loving, happy relationship with #money. Be self-sufficient. Take charge. Plan. Invest soundly. Spend wisely. Donate prudently. Explore. Diversify. Take periodic checks. Empower yourself.

Ritu Raonta Bathinda

I am a big saver. After putting my three kids through amazing schools and colleges single handedly, I'm now saving up for my retirement home.

Vimal Chopra Kapurthala

Mandatory women's bank accounts where withdrawal only by her signatures even if for the husband whose conscience may prick wherever required

Urveen Kohli Pune

I believe if you want a good future and smarter life, then you must think about #FinancialFitness. It gives you control over your life.

Kripa B Pune

We are trying to increase a conversation on this but I believe we need to make this more universal as a dialogue

Poonam Verma Noida

Being ladies, we've always handled the budget of the household quite well. Then why not take charge of our own earnings?

Pranshu Maheshwari Vizag

The confidence that a woman has when she earns her own money is invaluable. My first salary changed the person I am

Avleen Kaur Narang New Delhi

Women rule in every where so why not money matters. It’s time we step in this space and save it for our future to rule.

Nilofer Mazgaon

Our parents never trained us, we were never pushed to ask about money matters. How I regret this all my life

Rupal Chopra Noida

We are all trying to take charge but how does one make a start in tough times? I never thought of emergencies

Farhana Singhhal Jodhpur

Meet your priorities. We are stuck with coronavirus, should we still be asking this? Money should be your priority, your investment

Divya Aggarwal Faridabad

When women earn for themselves and save their money .

Vaishali Shroff Mumbai

It's our responsibility to normalise conversations. It should be our endeavour to learn about investing. MFs are a good place to begin

Nalini Soren Colorado

It's important to make a distinction here. Not only should women learn this, they should be taught this

Noorjahan Naik Mumbai

My husband left me, I never had his support and no he didn't work either. I worked. I earned. I have learnt about money now

Aniket Shankar New Delhi

Saving Money is important but, the most important thing is to invest it effectively and efficiently.

Abhay Choudhary Ghaziabad

Women are aware about everything and take care of everyone. It’s time that they put themselves and their financial fitness first.

Radhika Tiwari Delhi

Financial fitness is important for a woman because it not only helps one in fulfilling their long-term goals but also instills a sense of security.

Preetika Malhotra Hong Kong

I married my own self. I raised myself to believe in the power of money for one's own good. Don't fear the word finance

Megha Maheshwari Delhi

Earn.Save.Invest.Spend !!! Take charge of your money, decide the ratio and enjoy the satisfaction.

Mercy Moyo Bulawayo

Financial education is key. We.need to give each other insights into how this can be.achieved.

Rucha Vaidya Aurangabad

Being #financiallyfit opens you windows of equal opportunities especially In India where powerful women are still supposed as anomaly.

Avleen Pradhan Nainital

Build a small portfolio by starting small, think of SIPs. It's very important to get a foothold

Ruchi Makkad Chembur

There's early years, then studies, then college, then career, then family and then motherhood. We ought to hold our own along all?

Amrita Puroshottam Jabalpur

I am a freelance writer and it's never easy to be one. Your income is erratic. But your investments should not be so.

Gauravi Rahi Gwalior

Save, invest and reap benefits later. Slow investments are good investments. Put your money in SIP and forget for a few years. That's #financialfitness

Shreya Jhangiani Indore

I bought my own laptop with my pocket money back in the 80s. Today that and save behaviour has stood me well.

Yasmin Delhi

When women earn for themselves, they are immediately more in control of their lives.

Mahima Gupta New Delhi

Financial independence isn't restricted to only money. It will bring us more respect and decision making power.

Anshika Taneja Uttar Pradesh

Prioritising financial fitness should be one of our main goals in life. Being independent is the key to happiness. #UnstoppableWomen

Simran Jolly Faridabad

Just like wings, financial fitness gives women the freedom to make their own decisions and confidence to fly high.

Mady Alam London

Financial fitness, can be easy if we practice it everyday.

Anushka New Delhi

it is only the financial freedom that would allow women to be truly independent, strong, and fierce!

Sneha Shah Mumbai

You are in control of your money, you depend on you for what you need, you make you happy. Just you #financialfitnes

Manvi Singh Noida

To be monetarily secure in the long run, it is important for women to move and dip their toes into investment plans

Divya Rawat Faridabad

Prioritise your spendings and keep a record of the amount you saved monthly. Because later on these savings will help you to do investment.

Padmaja Bhagat Mumbai

Financial fitness is the first step towards actual independence. The foundation of knowledge and strong determination is what fuels us on this journey!

Aditi Mumbai

Working commercially in whatever we are good at - cooking, writing, child care, technology etc.. Planning and saving that income will further boost financial independence

Arpit Bansal Mumbai

Family business are predominantly run by males given the history of our country but with time this is changing for the good.

Ruchi Chopra Mumbai

We have always traditionally let this be taken over by our brothers, fathers , husbands. Its time we understand it and start taking charge.

Suman Chopra Gurugram

Women are today a sizeable part of the work force. They have unique skills, many of which men don't have. They are Women also live.

Ketaki Agtey-sathe Mumbai

Having financial goals and being aware is of vital importance, as never before! It is empowering and a huge confidence booster. Make it happen.

Radhika Aggarwal Gurgaon

My suggestion: first go for financial fitness, then think of all else. Career, growth all will come but get economically independent

Rituparna Mishti Kolkata

We are raised by our parents to be fiercely independent then why do they forget to teach us about investing? It's very imp

Krituka Singhania Bengaluru

See coronavirus is a great example of the challenges we can face? As a single woman I am quite worried. I should have invested well.

Ruhee Mahtani Surat

The reality of today's world? Marriage is not certain, and may not last forever. Keep your accounts separate. Invest. Get advisors.

Shonali Advani Bangalore

Money management has nothing to do with gender. We need money to live and so managing it well is the need of the hour.

Khusbhu Calicut

Someone recommended me to read a few books. Now we have India centric ones too. It's a good idea to use those as a start

Anil Chopra Gurugram

Many women have own bank account, own bank cards, keep own cash, but freeze their mind when money matters are discussed. Need to take interest

Manjiri Rajgharia Udaipur

As an author my income is very erratic and the realisation that I must manage my money came much later. But better late than never.

Smita Mishra New Delhi

Your ability to protect your self-respect and independence is directly proportional to your financial fitness. Don't take it lightly. Be Financially Fit.

Kamna Gulati Gurgaon

Financial fitness for women should not be a choice but a necessity! It’s the financial independence which empowers & liberates you in true sense

Kanchka Sayal India & Uae

Genetically men and women are different however, they have equal rights however: #financial fitness is one such right ! Get out there ,make it happen!

Rudrani Kumari Bihar

Financial fitness is to take charge of life financially. Own your bank balance and savings, know the laws and technicalities of insurance, tax, mutual funds.

Vipashyana Dubey Haryana

Financial fitness is the ultimate road to independence. Taking steps towards a financially stable life early on can grant stability and comfort later on.

Saavriti Verma Noida

Women should prioritize financial fitness to ensure that they have a sense of independence. After all, the money we earn is the money we own.

Anupama Kathuria Delhi

Know where and how your money comes and goes. Be in charge of your finances.

Anushika Srivastava Kanpur

Start saving right from the time you are given your first pocket money, run trials on investing that money, do the same with your salary

Shreya Sojatia Indore

Women are aware about everything and take care of everyone. It’s time that they put themselves and their financial fitness first

Charvi Delhi

Don't be a spendthrift. Think before you spend. Don't just save. Investment is what you need to be financially secure.

Ayushi Aggarwal Delhi

Women can be financially fit by using their skills to earn money, saving their money and investing it in right places.

Himaja Prabhala Hyderabad

Women being financially independent makes the family financially stronger.

Sanghamitram Kochi

I think we should make this into our school syllabus. Women have to be told it's not just a man's job to look at money

Maheen Shaista Maloo Jaipur

We need to have more mentorship on this subject. We are only starting to talk now. I need to attend a class for this.

Nirali Singh Chennai

Whats an ideal way to make a start? I have always believe in it but didn't have enough support and knowledge.

Pratima Hs Chennai

Just like healthy relationships, we ought to keep our money matters healthy. I have suffered before, this has been an important lesson

Deepshikha Chakravarti Mumbai

Financial fitness should be a priority for women because that is the most important aspect of achieving in gender equality.

Raina Raonta Bathinda

Put half your extra money in savings and the other half in investments. That's my way..

Kiran Manral Mumbai

Financial independence for a woman means taking charge of your own money. Keep that fuck off fund growing and safe. Invest wisely.

Neela Labroo Jaipur

We are independent in our thinking then why are we depending for financial decisions on others? Take charge yourself.

Shubhi Mahtani Siliguri

We have always been trained to focus on our health, beauty, family. I think it is high time we start paying attention to our finances

Anjali Rajpur Ludhiana

Financial fitness is an important goal if we as women want to make our choices in life.