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Who Is Anannyah Kumari Alex? The First Transgender Candidate For Kerala Assembly Polls

Anannyah Kumari Alex, Kerala transgender candidate, Anannyah Kumari Alex withdraws nomination

Anannyah Kumari Alex makes history as the first transgender candidate to contest in the Kerala assembly polls. Anannyah is contesting for the assembly polls from the Vengara constituency as a candidate of the Democratic Social Justice Party (DSJP). This marks Anannyah’s first attempt in politics as she contests against Muslim League candidate PK Kunhalikutty and Left Democratic Front candidate P Jiji.

Who Is Anannyah Kumari Alex? First Transgender Candidate In Kerala Assembly Polls

  1. Anannyah Kumari Alex is a make-up artist and is also known for being Kerala’s first transgender radio jockey.
  2. The 28-year-old candidate filed her nomination on Friday, March 19. Anannyah said that she wants to focus on the welfare of the trans community, even though she plans to be candidate that works for all.
  3. Anannyah is a higher secondary drop-out that aims to continue her higher education. She stated that “Only through education any community can attain self-esteem and recognition. For us to hold our heads up, we need solid education.”
  4. She stated that her candidacy is “not a matter of victory and defeat.” Anannyah added that she aims to represent the transgender community hopes that the political battle is marked in history.
  5. When speaking about the upcoming elections and why she contested for the election, Anannyah stated that “I think we [transgender people] should have a representative in the government. I want to prove the efficiency of transgender people.”

Feature Image Credit: ANI