On-Duty Woman Cop Carries Baby To Helipad In Madhya Pradesh: Inspiring Or Unfair?

woman cop with daughter on duty
Viral woman cop with daughter: Alirajpur Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Monika Singh carried her toddler daughter along on duty at a local helipad, where she was deployed to receive the chopper of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan. Singh, masked up, is seen holding her daughter in a carrier strapped to herself in photos the CM shared on his social media.

“During my visit to Alirajpur, I saw that DSP Monika Singh was on duty carrying her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter in a baby carrier bag. Her dedication towards his duty is commendable. Madhya Pradesh is proud of you,” Chouhan tweeted.

These photos doing rounds on social media are drawing a mix of opposing reactions online.

Is it laudable that a uniformed officer on duty is capable of balancing her work and home life together? Alternatively, is it fair for a small child to be carried along with their parent to a terrain hardly accommodative for them? Till where can or must women push the boundaries of motherhood? Is the system of our society so inconvenient that an officer on duty cannot hold off on her domestic tasks, only because she is a woman?

Photo Of Woman Cop With Daughter: Other Similar Instances

Though there is always wide praise for working women who successfully fulfil their professional duties even with motherhood strapped to them on-site, such viral visuals as seen from Madhya Pradesh raise debates on work-life situations and the role patriarchy plays in enabling hassles.

Earlier this year in March, the video of a Chandigarh traffic policewoman cradling her baby while at work – directing traffic near a busy street – had gone viral. Many netizens at the time had questioned whether it was ethical for a baby to be subjected to heat and other adverse conditions.

A month later, during the second wave of COVID-19, a video of DSP Shilpa Sahu in Chhattisgarh enforcing curfew while being pregnant had done rounds. Sahu had won praise from her seniors in the force, who faced queries from concerned citizens asking why a pregnant woman, part of a high-risk COVID-19 group, was out and about in her condition.

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