Who Was Siti Sarah Raisuddin? Late Malaysian Singer Leaves Behind Newborn Baby

who is Siti Sarah
Who is Siti Sarah: Malaysia is mourning the tragic death of popular singer Siti Sarah Raisuddin who, only days after giving birth to her fourth baby, has succumbed to the coronavirus. She was laid to rest on August 9 at Gombak, local reports said.

Sarah tested positive for COVID-19 last month at eight months of pregnancy, along with her whole family. Her condition got serious last week when her oxygen levels dipped and she was admitted to hospital. According to the BBCshe was put into an induced coma and her baby was delivered through surgery to avoid further complications.

The 36-year-old’s death has caused much grief in Malaysia, with the royal palace too issuing a condolence statement, hoping for the family to be “patient and resilient as they cope with the loss.”

Sarah is survived by her husband and four young kids.

All To Know About Who Is Siti Sarah

Known for hit songs like Kesetiaan and Ke Hujung Dunia, Sarah was counted among the most successful singing sensations in Malaysia. As per reports, she came to national prominence in 2001 after a reality television appearance on Bintang RTM. She had won awards for her music several times over.

She married Shuib Sepahtu in 2011.

Local reports recall how she lost her voice after the birth of her second baby – a period of turmoil for her, since music had by then become an inseparable part of her identity. She attempted against all odds to bounce back to her original musical range through persistent training and singing lessons.

With over two million followers on Instagram, Sarah was also a noted social media celebrity who gave fans regular insights into her life. Until last week, she had been sharing videos to her account of being in an oxygen mask while her children emotionally hugged her.