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What Is Home Birth That Meghan Markle Is Planning For?

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As the news of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry planning their second baby to have a home birth is out, it has left many of us wondering as to what exactly is home birth? Are they no doctors involved? Is it safe? And many more. But worry not as we have got you the answers to your questions.

What’s Meghan Markle’s plan?

According to royal sources, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are intending to deliver their daughter at home. The baby is being planned to be born in the Montecito estate in the US. And the special thing about this is that Meghan Markle’s second baby will be the first-ever royal baby to be born in the US.

What is home birth?

As the name makes it clear, it’s giving birth at home. But actually, it is not so simple. A woman cannot just wake up one day and decide to have a home birth as it can be risky.

Generally, home birth is considered okay for women who have had a healthy pregnancy with a low-risk factor. This also includes not having any chronic diseases. Home birth is considered to be a natural way of giving birth. But medically certifies mid-wives and doulas are there to assist. Some countries have it as a mandatory rule that every childbirth needs to have a professional mid-wife.

Home births are also chosen by the people who have certain religious or cultural concerns, dissatisfaction with health care facilities, lack of access to transportation, or simply want to reduce their expenses. It is also preferred by women who want to deliver in a familiar environment.

Why do people option for home birth?

  • Firstly, the woman delivering the baby can be around her family and friends without having to follow the restrictions of the hospitals.
  • There is more control over birth decisions.
  • Fewer maternal infections are observed.
  • As child birth can be a lengthy process, it can really get boring at the hospital. But at home, there are a lot of perks like grabbing a snack from the kitchen, can change clothes whenever you want and walk around as much as you want.
  • It is also said that the bonding with the baby is increased at home as the baby is not taken away for bathing or vaccines. He/she stays right with the parents and the mid-wife is only there to guide through the process and intervenes only when necessary.

What issues can arise?

  • The fear of the unexpected is probably the biggest risk. Child birth may not always follow the plan you make. So in case, there is a last-minute emergency then you’ll have to rush to the hospital.
  • It can be messy. Hence one needs to be prepared with plastic sheets and a lot of towels. Also, post-birth cleaning can be a headache if one is not fond of excessive cleaning.
  • An insurance policy does not cover the cost of home birth.

So, to conclude, home births can be tricky. Even if you get the go from a doctor that everything is okay and safe for a home birth, we never know what may happen at the actual moment of delivering the baby. After all, Meghan Markle had also planned for a home birth at the time of Archie. But it didn’t go as planned and she was transferred to a hospital. It is said that Archie was due after a week but Meghan was advised by her doctor to get admitted to the hospital where she gave birth within a few hours.

So fellas, decisions like these really need some thorough thinking as well as a backup plan. You also need to choose the right mid-wife, you are comfortable with. And yes, find a certified one. Also importantly, get a clear go from the doctor after conducting the right tests and scans before you confirm the home birth. Ultimately, we all want the baby and mamma to be safe, healthy and happy.