Will Anupamaa Go Against The World And Marry Anuj ?



Popular Indian TV show Anupamaa has garnered the audience's attention by talking about feminist and societal issues through the life of its protagonist.

Currently, the show's track is featuring the love story of Anupamaa, the 45 year old mother of three and Anuj, his college mate. After denying her feelings for quite a time, Anupamaa finally confessed that she too is in love with Anuj.

After the confession, the couple was clear about getting married but what is a love story without hurdles. Soon, Anupamaa's daughter-in-law announced her pregnancy.

Later, we see Anupamaa's mother-in-law thrashing her for marryong when she was soon going to be a grandmother, telling her about various stigmas of society.

We saw Anupamaa rethinking her decision of getting married again. This led fans to speculating whether Anupamaa give in to the norms of the society or stand with her love for Anuj and get married.