Who Is Shreya Lenka?

By Avishka Tandon

February 3, 2022

Shreya Lenka is an Indian dancer and singer from Odisha who might become the first K-Pop idol from India.

Shreya is one of the two finalist in the auditions for South Korean music label, DR Music's girl group Blackswan, competing against Brazil's Gabriela DalcinĀ 

The five member K-Pop group Blackswan debuted in 2020 but recently a member, Hyeme, left the group leaving a vacancy.

Shreya will be moving to South Korea for a 1 month training after which it will be decided who among the 2 finalist will become the final member of Blackswan.

If the final evaluation goes well, the 18-year old Shreya Lenka will become India's first K-Pop idol