Udupi Hijab Row : All About The Case

By Avishka Tandon

February 09, 2022

The issue started from PU College of Udupi, Karnataka where a group of students wearing hijab were denied entry in school for alleged violation of rules of uniformity.

The denial to entry led to student's protest demanding allowance of hijab in school. Meanwhile, many other colleges in the state went on to deny entry of students with hijab and hence, increased the protests.

Looking at the increasing protests, school authorities allowed entry of girls with hijab but on the condition that they sit in separate classroom which aggravated the protests.

The protest of students garnered worldwide attention including statement from Malala Yousafzai. People on internet were divided, some in favour of the protests while others against it.

The students filed petition in Karnataka High Court which were heard on February 8 but the court passed them on to higher bench. Meanwhile, the government closed schools and colleges for 3 days and banned protests in Bengaluru for 2 weeks.