Honouring Parveen Babi's Timeless Fashion

Remembering Parveen Babi on what would have been her 70th birthday by looking back at the iconic outfits she wore, which still inspire today's Bollywood stars.

Cutout Designs

Cutout designs, popular in recent years, were worn by Babi many years ago. [Credit: Pinterest]

Cutout Designs

Actors like Janhvi Kapoor, Kiara Advani, and others often choose to wear several cutout outfits for their events. [Credit: Instagram]

Retro Pleated Bodycon Designs

Parveen Babi effortlessly rocked timeless pieces like pleated bodycon designs. [Credit: Pinterest]

Retro Pleated Bodycon Designs

Last year, Ananya Panday sported a dress with a similar pattern at a Swarovski event. [Credit: Instagram]

Minimalism in Indian Fashion

Observing the attire, it's evident why Manish Malhotra believes Parveen Babi introduced a sense of "minimalism" to Indian fashion.

Minimalistic Ensemble

Katrina Kaif, renowned for her chic fashion choices, was spotted donning a sleek and minimalistic ensemble at a lavish Indian wedding.

Cool Denim Fits

Babi was famous for elevating denim outfits to new heights, effortlessly rocking cool fits and pulling off looks like a true fashion icon. [Credit: Pinterest]

Denim Paired with Shirts & Tees

Many actors have been spotted sporting denim paired with shirts and tees, but here’s how Deepika Padukone has completely owned the style for a renowned denim brand.[Credit: Instagram]

Babi and Bling

Babi was known for her love for bling, and it's evident why. [Credit: Pinterest]

Bling Remains a Popular Trend

Check out Shraddha Kapoor’s recent outfit, the closest resemblance to Babi's iconic style. [Credit: Instagram]