Deals By Namita Thapar On Shark Tank India

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Menstrupedia-  It is most innovative way to teach about menstruation. They have India's first comic book on periods

Auli Glow- It provides Ayurveda and modern science backed skincare products. The products are naturally and locally sourced

Thinkerbell Labs- Caters to the inclusive education through engineering and design. It helps visually impaired kids self learn their curriculum

Altor Smart Helmets- It is India's first smart motorcycle helmet. It detects accidents and send SOS to emergency contacts through smart helmet

Nuutjob- It caters for the men intimate and hygiene products, For an empowered male culture that would result in self care and hygiene.

Farda Clothing- The startup  provides customised clothing based on intricate design and culture. Farda means tomorrow in Urdu, and they promise to be the tomorrow or future of fashion

The Renal Project- The startup is trying to bring dialysis revolution in the country. Through Dialysis Micro-centers , it aims to make the process approachable and affordable.

Beyond Water- It is India's first liquid water enhancer. It uses highest quality ingredients that makes the water tasty