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Viral Video: Parents Question Daughter Why She Didn’t Receive Corporate Award

Parents question daughter
Parents Question Daughter: A video where a woman justifying why she couldn’t bag the company’s corporate award is going viral on social media. The 3-minute-video on YouTube starts with the woman’s mother interrogating her about her colleagues who received rewards and recognition at work.

The mother further comments that all three colleagues of hers joined in the same year. However, they got the awards but she didn’t. She also tries to cheer up her daughter by saying that she shouldn’t feel sad. To this, the woman replied that she is not sad because she doesn’t need awards to make her do befunntter at work.

The mother questioned her ideology and insisted that they did good work because of which they got the award. The daughter, on the other hand, was adamant that she did great work but they didn’t have an award category for her kind of good work. The mother quickly responded by saying that she shouldn’t do out of syllabus good work.

The father quickly jumps into the conversation and starts comparing her private job with his government job saying that her job doesn’t really give any work-life balance. He doubted if it provides with bank balance also. The mother also said that companies should hire self-motivated people only who do their job and do not care much about rewards.

Here’s the video


Tired of arguing with them, the woman can be seen giving up on her parents at the end.

The video uploaded by AiyyoShraddha has got 160,054 views so far and 654 comments.

“She is too good in taking seasonal topics and serve with clean yet punching humor lines!!! Juz nailed it..!!! 👍😂👌”, one user commented.
“The essaying of different roles is so spot on is that these three characters are going to acquire separate fan followings and give you fodder for more material. Brilliant. Well done.”, another one said.

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