Traffic Police Volunteer Shubhi Jain Teaches Rules, One Dance Move A Time

Shubhi Jain
Shubhi Jain grew up wishing to become an officer in uniform. While she wanted to work as a police officer, she couldn’t become one. However, she persisted. She went on to do something different while in uniform and became a traffic police volunteer. Not just that, she is going the extra mile to ensure people not just follow rules but also understand them, and she does this with passion and grace.

In conversation with SheThePeople, Shubhi Jain reflects on her journey as a traffic police volunteer, how she helps people learn and follow rules in an interesting way, and why she is dedicated to volunteering for road safety.

Shubhi Jain Journey

“I still remember when I was in school, I quickly sat in front of the TV at 7.00 pm sharp! I was in love with the on-screen character of Chandramukhi Chautala. Mini-me had made up my mind to become a police officer just like her.

Growing up, somehow life’s plan did not match my dreams and I could not become a Police Officer. While I was pursuing my MBA, I came across a voluntary program by Indore Traffic Police. It felt like my dream moment. There was something about this city, I just loved. I immediately called one of my friends for help and managed to enrol in the program. I was informed that I wouldn’t receive any certificate or money but nothing mattered. My lifelong dream was turning into reality.

Well, it was not some glorious job to be in the traffic police. Dealing with random people is altogether a heck of a task. Sometimes, the officers lose their cool and so do people. Imagine, going back home after a tiring day, you would not want anyone randomly shouting at you. The basic relationship between police and people had to be constructed healthy and not heated. I am not bragging here, but I have always been a people person. I made sure that for the next 20 days, all I carry is a smile on duty. So, I politely asked people to obey the rules. All I had was 120 seconds, which was a short span to monitor everyone on the road. So, I started doing polite gestures to educate people rather than shouting at them. Within mere 4 days, I actually left my mark on the roads and numbers improved. I was on a roll! I was super excited and called Maa and Papa. Papa said, ‘Main aauga dekhne apne bahadur bache ko!’ I asked my senior officer to shoot a video of me so that I could show it to Papa. My senior was impressed with my style so he sent my video to other interns for reference. The next morning, all I know is someone posted it online and I became a sensation.

I started getting calls from everyone! I was so happy… It seemed like my moment to seize! It’s been about 4 years now and I haven’t taken a single penny from the department.

One day, I was closing my shift and a 75-year-old man came close; gave a pat on my back and exclaimed, ‘Good job, beta!’ I was in tears!”

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