Varanasi: Video Of Computer Science Graduate Living On Streets, Speaking Fluent English Goes Viral

Computer Science Graduate Swati, Computer Science Graduate, Female Beggars
Swati is a Computer Science Graduate from Varanasi who has been struggling to make ends meet for the last three years. She spends her days on streets. She was interviewed by a student from Banaras Hindu University who revealed interesting bits of information about her.

Here’s what you should know about Swati

  1. She hails from South India and has got very fluent English speaking skills. Here’s the video that has gone viral.
  2. She has been living on Assi Ghat for the last three years. She eats and sleeps there.
  3. She relies on what locals give to her and has been surviving like this.
  4. She also mentioned that she graduated in Computer Science.
  5. She also explained that she got paralysed from the right side after having a child. Due to this, a part of her body stopped working and she left her house.
  6. According to Avneesh, she is well-versed with computers and even uses different software for typing work.
  7. People around her, however, think that she is mentally ill.
  8. In a bid to live a better life, she wants a job and not charity, she said.

A 72-year-old widow Sukhmati Manikpuri was in news last year for donating one quintal of rice, around a dozen sarees and some cash to the needy people. Reason? She said she understood hunger pangs and wants to reach out to as many people as possible during COVID time.

“I understand the hunger pangs. I began begging more to arrange whatever possible for these needy and helpless people. No one should sleep hungry”, she stated. Besides this, she begs to meet the educational expenses of her two granddaughters.

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