MMS Leak Controversies Continue In India, When Will People Understand Consent?

Chandigarh University MMS Leak
The Chandigarh University MMS video leak has led to a huge controversy with students protesting from across the country for their basic right to privacy. It is not the first time that private videos of women have been leaked online. Why is it so difficult to understand consent and respect others’ privacy?

Women are always scared of being recorded in public bathrooms and changing rooms and facing the consequences of it. Yes, sadly ruining a woman’s life is that easy. And now it emerges that they are not safe in hostels which are supposed to be their home away from home. The male gaze takes away consent and privacy and endangers the lives of women as society would always point fingers at them and shame them. The breach into her privacy would come up at every step of her life, and she will be the one questioned not the perpetrator.

Including the Chandigarh case rocked our collective conscious here are other MMS leak Controversies which rocked the country.

5 MMS Leak Controversies In India

  1. Chandigarh University – Recorded videos of 60 women from the hostel taking baths emerged onto the social media. The accused was arrested after it was claimed that she sent those videos to her boyfriend. There have been two more arrests made related to the case. Protests have been going on by the students of the university for the lack of surveillance and safety on campus. Read the full story here.
  2. Trisha Kar Madhu – Bhojpuri actress Trisha Kar Madhu’s intimate video with a man got viral and she got trolled. People accused her of leaking her own video, even though she claimed to have been aware of filming it but she did not know who leaked it. The actor told on a social media post, “You all are saying that I made the video. Yes, we did make the video but I did not know that someone will backstab me. Anyone will do such a thing to degrade me, I never thought or I never knew.” Read the full story here.
  3. Anjali Arora – Anjali Arora is an actor who has featured in many Punjabi music videos and faced trolling after a sensitive video got leaked recently. Officially it hasn’t been proven that the woman in it is Arora. But nevertheless, Arora got trolled when recently she shared a video of her other work. String of sleazy comments can be found under the post.
  4. DPS MMS Scandal – In 2004, India saw its first MMS scandal when a video of over 2 mins was leaked online and created a scare among the citizens. This incident was later taken up by filmmaker Anurag Kashyap as a movie plot for his film Dev D.
  5. Mona Singh – Back in 2013, actor Mona Singh’s face was morphed in an x-rated video and uploaded. The actor spoke to the media about how she dealt with it, she told Hindustan Times, “It’s absolutely disgraceful that something like this has happened. Someone has gone to the extent of morphing someone’s face onto someone else’s body. If this can happen to me, it can happen to any innocent girl. I’m glad that I’m a celebrity and can talk to the media. Only the media can help me get out of this.”

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Women are vulnerable to security breaches, fake news, gendered abuse and sexual harassment. It is about time we explore a consolidated approach to safety.