Sometimes I wonder we have so much to explore but one single life to do it in. Isn’t it good to reach out to things on your own, instead of looking out for others to invite you? Like how can I miss out on all the adventure that life has to offer, only because someone else doesn’t want to live life to the fullest? This is the reason, why solo journeys are the best according to me. Reach out and grab experiences before your age dulls your wanderlust, is my motto.

This was my second encounter with the city of Pokhara, which is famous for its scenic beauty, and especially, adventure sports. Though this wasn’t a fully solo journey as I visited Nepal with my parents, but my one-day solo experience of Sarangkot was thrilling. At an elevation of 1600 m, the mountain is not only known for its panoramic view of the Himalayas but is also famous worldwide for the various adventure activities it has to offer.

Live life to the fullest

I believe in taking up whatever adventure I can because I don’t want to regret leaving anything for the sake of security. With very little time in hand, I had to immediately decide which adventure I would take up. I have a habit of researching and browsing about the destination I’m visiting, so as to have a proper insight into the place. Interestingly, of all the blogs I came across, Pokhara was mentioned as the second or third, or at least in the top five places for Paragliding. So this was a perfect time to add some adrenalin rush to my travel diary.

With an elevation of 1600 m, the mountain is not only known for its panoramic view of the Himalayas but is also famous worldwide for the various adventure activities it has to offer.

Life would be boring if everything works according to your plan, now wouldn’t it! Upon reaching there I came to know that we need to register in advance for Paragliding. Dreams shattered! However, I spoke to the manager of a firm which organised adventure sports and somehow managed to book a flight that day itself. They had to call an additional pilot for me, and the cost was INR 7000.

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Jumping Off The Mountain And Flying Like A Bird For 30 Minutes

Interestingly, I was the youngest person in Sarangkot to go paragliding that day and everyone around me looked terrified as if someone’s going to push them off the mountain. And I was like “Come on! You’re here for an adventure, what did you expect?” So we went to the top of the mountain, I had to climb for around 15 minutes, and that’s when I realised how badly I need to lose weight. So the safety measures first. Though I am a photo freak, this time, photos were taken just to keep a memory of this moment. My face was badly tanned by then.

Pokhara, Nepal
Pokhara, Nepal

The duration of the flight was 30 minutes. Though I wasn’t afraid even a bit, but believe me, when you are about to jump from a mountain, your heart actually comes to your mouth!

So, we jumped and were flying and my pilot didn’t allow me to think too much as he kept singing  Indian songs in Nepali version and kept informing me about the mountains and other places visible from the top.

Pokhara, Nepal
Being Born Without Wings Cannot Stop You From Flying

During this journey, I saw a number of mountains that I once marked on maps. I remember the Annapurna Circuit and the Dhaulagiri mountains, these are the names that were once a reason for my punishment in school, since I couldn’t locate them on the map. But this time, they brought me immense happiness. The white snow which is even visible as you enter the city is in itself so soothing. To witness all the adventure in this world is what I desire before I die. My next adventure—Scuba Diving for sure!

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The views expressed are the author’s own.

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