TravelHer: Top Ten Tourist Destinations For Year 2020

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One of the world’s largest travel guide book publishers Lonely Planet has released its annual list of top tourist destinations. In this year’s list, Lonely Planet has kept in mind factors related to sustainability to make sure that tourists have a positive impact on the environment as well. A diverse mix of popular destinations and hidden gems, the list is conceived after nominations from all around the world.  According to list, here are the top ten countries to visit in 2020.


Bhutan is on its way to becoming the first fully organic nation. The country’s low carbon output, as well as its attempts to practice sustainability,  are commendable. The Bhutanese farmers grow organic produce and these factors make it one of the top destinations of choice in 2020. It is not only an eco-friendly country but also boasts of lush landscapes and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Additionally, Bhutan is home to a rich culture, represented by its monasteries and art forms.

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Bhutan is on its way to becoming the first fully organic nation. The country’s low carbon output, as well as its attempts to practice sustainability,  are commendable.


England is among popular tourist destinations around the world and is widely visited. However, the curators of Lonely Planet’s list of top tourist destinations advise travellers to go beyond the usual spots in England and visit its coastal towns instead. The English seaside is not quite as popular but it definitely is just as gorgeous. It is not only the perfect place to try seafood like the classic fish and chips but also a great spot for marine life exploration.


North Macedonia

Among the top popular tourist destinations, the third on the list is North Macedonia. It is a country in SouthEast Europe and is not quite popular in the commercial tourism circuit. However, it is a charming country with quiet, blissful mountain trails to give you just that peace and serenity you wanted. A popular spot is Ohrid, one of the cities in the country, which is chock-full of medieval tales and a calm lake.



This Carribean country features on the list as it is one of the popular destinations where travelers go to relax. Aruba is known widely for its Insta-worthy beaches and resorts. It also offers adventure activities like snorkeling and diving as well. However, the country has also, in recent times, banned single-use plastics as well as reef-destroying sunscreens. Its mission to promote eco-friendly tourism will be one of its selling points in 2020.



Eswatini is a small country in Southern Africa. Previously known as Swaziland, the country is more of a hidden gem. It is known for its extensive wildlife reserves as well as its rich culture. It is not only abundant with valleys of pineapples but also sugarcanes. On top of it all, it is said that you are more likely to see a rhino in Eswatini than anywhere else in Africa. The country also has a monarchy and a very interesting history that you might like to read more about before visiting.


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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations on this list. It is known widely for its coffee and its love of surfing. The country is also home to over half a million different species of animals. However, the country has also been cracking down on practices that harm the environment. Costa Rice relies mainly on renewable sources of energy, such as wind as well as hydro energy.


Costa Rica is home to over half a million different species of animals. However, the country has also been cracking down on practices that harm the environment

The Netherlands

The Netherlands, in recent years, has become a popular country for tourists and students alike. Bustling with international students, it has now transformed into a global community. The Netherlands boasts of some of the riches art histories in the world and has transfixing art galleries to show. The picturesque lanes covered with flowers on either side are perfect roads to bicycle on. Not only is the county beautiful and rich in culture, but it is known for the thriving nightlife in the capital city Amsterdam.



The Ebola virus had badly affected Libera a few years ago. However, travel bans are no longer in place. The tourism industry could help the country bounce back immensely. Liberia offers to travellers a host of tropical rainforests and is among the top destinations that have an extensive flora and fauna to boast of. However, the country isn’t all forests. It also provides tourists with beautiful beaches, white sands and surfing spots.



Morocco is one of those destinations that spoil tourists for choice. The country of “dazzling diversity” offers ancient cities, camel rides and panoramic views from the top of mountains. There’s something for everybody in Morocco which is perhaps the reason why it is such a popular tourist destination.



After years of being in the shadow of the more popular South American countries, Uruguay has finally claimed its place in the spotlight. According to Lonely Planet, Uruguay is not only progressive and cultural but also safe and stable. The country offers scenic views of historic lanes as well as laid-back beaches for you to rest on.


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