Why are we obsessed with Raja Beta syndrome in India?

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      Why are we obsessed with Raja Beta syndrome in India?

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      AvatarBhumika Sharma

      The most prominent reason is our obsession with males and more importantly their succession of the hierarchy, , that’s why they sort of preached in Indian society.

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      AvatarCharvi Kathuria

      This is because Indian consider sons to be very precious and overlook their faults. Every son is a raja beta for his parents.

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      AvatarAnjali Agarwal

      I feel the ‘raja beta syndrome’ is prominent in India due to the notion of treating sons and daughters inequally. Sons are given undue importance and always viewed as ones who are going to take care of the family in the ‘long run’. They are adorned with all the values thus leads to ignorance of their flaws.

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      Society seems to be so obsessed with their sons as they view them as the future pillar of patriarchy. By calling them Raja Beta they are taught that no matter what their faults might be they will never be punished.

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      AvatarPriya Hazra

      As a society, we have continued to veil the faults in men for various reasons. But foremost being the believe that it’s a superior gender in all terms.

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      Because we think that “beta” does so much hard work and brings money to the family that we want to keep him at the best comfort.

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      AvatarRitika Joshi

      Indian society has a tendency to treat sons like they can do no wrong. Instead of holding men accountable, they somehow manage to blame women for everything. I think it’s because men are expected to “continue the bloodline”.

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      Gender discrimination is too deep rooted in India and has been taking place since forever. Men are favoured solely on the basis of their gender and women are disregarded because they are thought to be “the weaker sex”.

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      We’re obsessed with it because apart from being an inherently patriarchal society, it’s also ingrained in our heads so much that men need to lauded, pampered, and given child like care even when they’re 40 and eating out of their mother’s hands. The raja beta syndrome is not just about the fact that men rise up in family hierarchy or are the ‘vansh’ of a family. It’s more about how women are pushed aside to give way to the sometimes laughable efforts men put in everyday things.
      I see my mother fawning over my brother for doing the same amount of dishes I do twice a day, make him the ‘Raja Beta’, but that’s only because she has seen her husband being applauded for things like that.
      So I believe we’re just obsessed with men in India, Raja beta or not.

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      Ayusmita ChatterjeeAyusmita Chatterjee

      I believe Bollywood has the most credit when it comes to the intrusion of such defective concepts in Indian society.

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      Tripti ShahiTripti Shahi

      It is related to the preconceived notion that a boy is always “better” or “more precious” than a girl, which is wrong in so many ways. Why do we not hear rani beti? Why just raja beta?

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      Avatarsharanya shresty

      This has so much to do with how liberal parents are with our sons as opposed to how we deal with our daughters. Sons are seen as precious and all theirs flaws are basically ignored. So many parents are seen to even have a hard time accepting their son’s wrongdoings. This also has so much to do with our obsession with somehow blaming everything on our daughters and the whole boys will be boys narrative

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