A bra ka dabra : Why can’t I dry my bra in the open sun?

moms bra straps

It all started with an observation, a minute one, followed by a question, ” Why, why can’t I dry them in open under the Sun?” Well, I have no clue who came up with this hiding business for women’s undergarments. Why hide your bra? What has it done to hide? All this agitated my mind, until one fine day I took a bold step.

Women undergarments have always been a material which are not only objectified (obviously they are objects), but brought to life and given a specific meaning when one has to hide things as in movies, whenever producers want to show any intercourse scene, they ended up showing wabromen’s undergarments on the floor! See, how they humiliate our undergarments.

So, the day I learnt how to say, ‘bra, a bra’, I was in more confusion than before.

Our school science teacher instructed us in a secretive way, in a secretive place which was our science laboratory about bra and its necessity to wear as we were now in grade 8 with breasts going wild that needed some taming! I heard other girls who knew this word way before me, whispering to themselves as I shouted out the word for which I felt a bit embarrassed. 

I forgot all about it until one fine day, my mommy asked me to shift my undergarments a.k.a bra and panty to a corner, unheard or unseen by anyone. I felt bad for them, all the other clothes were bathing in the sun, disinfecting themselves and my undergarments were in desolation, all neglected. I inquired about it from mommy, but she mentioned, ‘Do you think them to a flag to be hoisted in between other clothes ?’ Huh? that was weird. So, I decided to do some research.

I started observing my neighborhood, especially ladies, how they dry their undergarments. The house just opposite to mine has a lady who literally suffocates her undergarments by wrapping it with a polythene in the sun, but before that, she gives a careful, cunning look on all four sides as none is allowed to watch her doing this, or else she would die of shame. I was a bit disappointed as I couldn’t gather much data from other ladies on that aspect, all might have buried their stuffs never to be found even by Sherlock Holmes. It was decision time and I took a major step.

One sunny day, I let them breathe under the sun on the terrace, almost in the middle of ropes, intersecting as if talking to each other about the audacity I showed. For few days I was rebuked and taunted for the same, but soon mommy realized, I was unstoppable.

I mean how can you do this, a woman feels no shame drying a big self tailored undergarments of their spouses, open in the sun without feeling shame, few feel it’s an honour to dry their spouse’s jockey. But when it comes to their own, women would feel so embarrassed about it.

Since then, my undergarments have been breathing in the open air. Let me make it very clear; I not only hoisted that flag symbol of their freedom with dignity, but encouraged a teenager in my neighborhood to do the same without shame.

Well, my neighborhood aunty still gives an odd look, but I know my undergarments matter.