The coronavirus has disrupted all our lives. There’s hardly anything that has been rendered unaffected by the new global ‘stay-at-home’ rule. Companies have adopted remote working strategies to survive the pandemic. In such times, those seeking jobs are going through more rejections than ever given the recession prediction. However, it’s best to keep applying and not lose hope. Instead of cribbing about the situation and putting your job hunt on hold, you should do the following to stand out once hiring resumes and for current applications as well.

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Work on your resume

This is the time to hone your skills. Take that online course in Digital Marketing or work or your MS Office capabilities. We should be grateful that technology is at our disposal in these times. There are innumerable courses available for people of all ages in the premium as well as the freemium model. Moreover, apps like Duolingo offer free language courses and an extra language makes your CV shine bright. Use this unasked-for vacation as judiciously as possible. The first impression, they say, is the last impression, and your resume is what introduces you to the potential employer, make it catch the eye of that HR manager!

Online networking is the key

A personal referral might end up with the recruitment letter while your resume is still at the backend waiting to be witnessed. It’s common for companies to prefer those candidates who’ve been recommended by an existing employee. It is thus beneficial to pull up your socks in building your social networks. Engage with more and more people via LinkedIn or Gmail. Initiate conversations that might help them notice your capabilities. Pique their interest in your work and aspirations, who knows, they might recommend you to their boss.

Practice for virtual interviews

Since we are not supposed to step out of our houses given the global health emergency we’re stuck in, interviews are taking place in the virtual form. Companies are screening their candidates and the interviews that follow are either telephonic or over video calls. It is utterly important to learn the tactics that would make you stand out among other candidates in these online interviews. Take all the necessary steps to ace that interview which might land you in the job of your dreams!

Use LinkedIn more proficiently

LinkedIn is a virtual place where you can build your connections and discover ample employment opportunities. Your LinkedIn profile speaks volumes of your abilities, skills and interests. Make sure that you work on it in this seemingly endless lockdown period. Start being more active by joining groups, posting valuable comments wherever needed and uploading your essays and informative reports. All this would make the companies see through what you’re capable of. Stay updated on the new opportunities coming up in the fields you’re searching for and keep applying.


Don’t hesitate to drop a follow-up mail if you have been waiting for a response. Be as polite as possible and ask them if they’re in the position to hire you right now. The companies right now have been quite busy in employing techniques that make work from home easier for the employees. They are planning on how to tackle the current situation and might be slow in recruiting new employees but don’t give up. A mail about the status of your application would reflect your interest in the job.

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