No time to point fingers, time for solidarity and alertness

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What kind of times do we live in? Is it time for us to introspect and rethink our approach to life? When a crisis hits us, it’s time to get together (ideologically speaking), think together and come up with solutions for humanity. It’s not time to propagate fake news, racist slur and blame this on one nation or another. To me this is a global problem. It all began in December 2019: they think it was an animal to human virus which is being referred to as coronavirus – I call it the GLOBAL VIRUS that attacked us all. Multiple theories are floating some scientific that point towards the wet markets in China that are a probable cause of this virus. 

On the other hand, you have economic superpowers: American & Chinese governments that point fingers towards each other and in between them caught in the cross fire is the rest of society & world. Is this the time to point fingers or come together?

How has this global virus affected all of society? Where does one start – expanding from Wuhan, China it has spread across hemispheres and continents rapidly.  The impact on civil society – the old, the middle aged & the young astonished. 

Freedom of society has been curtailed. Millennials are feeling the hard hit – almost like a Tsunami of do’s and don’ts that they need to adhere to. There is a lock down in 20 % of USA, South Korea, 30 States in India, 60 million people in Italy, most of Madrid in Spain – the list goes on. 

Some of these European countries that have are bearing the wrath of the consequences stemmed from inactions of their society are now reflecting how this could have been stopped. 

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Why is that Lombardy, Italy is the hotspot for COVID-19? The youth interact a great deal with the elderly. From one it spread to the other – and then like wildfire. No stopping it – they can’t seem to put it off. Given the numerous videos & statements of admissions of the youth saying we did not believe it’s happening. We thought it was a joke.  The truth is that since WW2 (World War 2) Europe and The Americas have enjoyed a great amount of economic, political and social freedom. There have been no calamities per say until now where they have been struck by a pandemic.

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The landscape of Asia is different. We are too many people – exceptionally competitive and no room for error. For example, India where I hail from: we save for education, medical emergencies and not to forget -The Big Fat Indian Wedding. Due to literacy rates being low, disproportionate income distribution there are hardships galore for the poor. 

For one the millennials of now have been living a fast paced life since the onset of technology. To put it simply millennials –technology – fast paced life is directly proportional to one another.  So engulfed in the world of social media that the reality of nature & earth that we reside on has been taken for granted. 

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I urge the Millennials in the current times and society – Economies, GDP of a nation, creation of jobs I am sure will always be the top priority of governments. 

However, the present situation demands to fight COVID-19 the global virus together as a collective global society. Nations are extending help to another. The super- rich are donating to their own countries (or at least one hopes so) and the neighbouring ones. Technology is helping people come together: communicate their experiences and what they did right and what they did wrong. 

One hopes it’s only for a short while that we feel crippled amidst the lockdown wherever we are. Governments have prioritized public safety over every other KPI that an economy is measured by. Let’s not look further than our own nation India.  A population of 1.3 billion and constantly adding to it – a systematic lockdown method was probably the only way to send the message out. India is blessed to have both: an aging population (30 % is above the age of 70) & one of the largest youth population in the world. (34% approximately). To nurture and protect nature is a new mantra for the times ahead.

It’s our responsibility that the millennials, generation Z to work collectively as a society to protect the interest of another.

This is a time of solidarity – being selfish will not reduce the spread of COVID-19. Self-restraint and a long term vision will get us through this. In these challenging times ahead will lie immense opportunities. However, this period needs to pass with an attitude of oneness. 

This is a contributor’s piece, views expressed are author’s own