The pace with which young girls are excelling in every field is commendable. Days after an 11-year-old of Indian origin girl was termed as the world’s brightest, a 10-year-old from Jaipur is now recognised as the world’s youngest practising playwright. On April, 21, the Guinness World Records bestowed her with the title, reported Hindustan Times.

Bagged world record for her play “The Lost Key”

Krshaana Rawat, who hails from Jaipur, is a student of Class 6 at Jayshree Periwal International School. She bagged the world record for her play, The Lost Key. It is a fantasy fiction about a little girl, Tinky, who is transported into a different world. Tinky is on a mission to save a kidnapped fairy and look for the lost key. Krshaana conceptualised the play in a matter of six months. It has a running time of 80 minutes. The play thoroughly details every character’s back-story. Krshaana, with the help of her friends, also made a map of the mystical land.

On April, 21, Krshaana and her friends, performed the play at Birla Auditorium. Soon after, she was awarded with the world record. Krshaana told HT that she wrote her first play when she was in Class 3.

The young playwright loves reading fantasy fiction. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series are her favourites. Shreya Rawat, Krshaana’s mother calls her an avid reader. According to Shreya, Krshaana’s love for writing came from her love of reading.

“She loves her books, and goes through them really fast. Every year on her birthday, she asks all her friends to gift her Crosswords’ vouchers. She already has over 500 books and has read all of them.”

Krshaana lives with her grandparents, parents and two dogs. She remains busy with family and of course, her numerous books. She is not a cinema viewer. However, she likes watching Tom and Jerry when she is not reading.

The 10-year-old confidently believes that the play she wrote about a fantasy world is real. Currently, she is working on a sequel to The Lost Key, the play, which has fetched her immense appreciation.

Given her love for Harry Potter, her parents had promised to take her to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, provided she got good grades, which she did. For now, the young playwright is eagerly waiting for her summer vacations, as she will finally get to be in one of her favourite fantasy worlds.

The first quarter of 2018 has witnessed young girls carving out a path of their own. Earlier in January, 12-year-old Suchetha made news when she was set to create a world record by singing in 102 languages. A few days back, a 17-year-old K A Villet Oviya, made headlines, to have built a satellite to study air pollution and global warming.

Coming to the youngest practicing playwright Krshaana, it is a proud moment for the country to witness a 10-year-old shine so bright.

Here’s to more magically outstanding creations!

Picture Credit: Hindustan Times

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