These Child Entrepreneurs Are Making The Nation Proud

child entrepreneurs

If you think kids and entrepreneurship are poles apart, think again. A bunch of kids are proving to the world that age is no bar to reach your dreams. On this Children’s Day, let us look at these girls who are entrepreneurs in their own right and are turning the tide.

Shreya Gupta

This 13-year-old girl turned her passion for art into an opportunity. It all started when she wanted an owl pendant of her own. Her mother told her to make one. What started out as a challenge turned out to be a beautiful collection of quilling designs and pieces. About her startup, KaagZevar, Shreya said, “It is a venture which I will not define as business. I use this to teach others this marvellous craft and showcase the creations.”

Sreelakshmi Suresh

This 17-year-old prodigy started her company when she was only 10 years old! She is currently in class 12. Her company, eDesign Technologies, offers various services like website design, web development, SEO and logo designing. Sreelakshmi has now designed more than 100 websites for institutions like Bar Council of Kerala, Angels International and EHP India.

Taarini Dang

Taarini is the youngest person to win the Young American-Indian Award. She has written a book ’The Young Aspiring Entrepreneur’. She decided to start her own firm, when she was in class 8 — Dang Capital — basically a VC firm. There is still more to her achievements. Another initiative of Taarini, Million Champs, essentially aims to create a pool of one million young entrepreneurs. This talented girl is unstoppable!

Harshita Arora

This 16-year-old Saharanpur girl has made an app that updates users about price fluctuations in more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies in 32 countries.“Ever since I was 13 and was introduced to designing concepts, I began reading IT magazines and the latest developments in the field,” Harshita said. She interacted with various app developers to understand what investors look for in an app. This young girl took that extra effort, got all the information she needed, worked hard and achieved her dream.

Anusja Madival

Anusja is a girl of 15 from Dharavi. Seeing the surroundings around her, she used her knowledge of technology to create an app, ‘Women fight back’. The app helps women in three ways. It creates a distress (SOS) sound that scares off any prospective assaulter. Two, it calls your friends and family. And three, it sends out an emergency message along with your location. Her app grew under the Slum Innovation Project that has helped many such projects.

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv