From an imaginary perspective

All my life, I have wondered why?
Why do people think I am different?
Why can’t I just be accepted for who I am?
These questions have haunted me, and they have controlled me.
I pondered over these questions,  perhaps most – when I was applying for college. I faced seemingly endless rejection and ridicule till I got admitted to the Institute of Science and Technology.
My joy knew no bounds.
I then went on to become a zoologist.
Sure I still had to deal with social oppression for being part of a minority group but I was happy.
I was born a man but I am a woman because that’s who I choose to be.
But finally I found my solace in animals ,who don’t judge based on gender ,sexual orientation, race, caste or creed
They give me their unbiased love regardless of who I am. And never ask me ‘why’!
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