Who Is Suchetha Satish? Girl Sets Guinness Record By Singing In 120 Languages

who Is Suchetha Satish
Who Is Suchetha Satish : A 16-year-old girl from Kerala, recently made headlines as she placed herself in the Guinness Book of World Records, with her ability to sing in 120 languages. She made the Guinness world record for singing in most languages, at an event held in the Indian Consulate at Dubai.

Suchetha Satish is a native of Kannur, in Kerala. She made this record by singing 120 different songs in seven hours and 20 minutes. Satish achieved this at a concert held at the Indian Consulate in Dubai, the ‘Music Beyond Borders’, held on August 19. The previous record in the category was held by Kesiraju Srinivas, also an Indian, for singing in 76 different languages, back in 2008.

Satish reportedly accomplished this by attempting to sing in 29 different Indian languages and 91 world languages. She began at noon, with a Sanskrit song, ‘Janaki Jane’ from a Malayali film titled Dhwani. Her concluding song was in Hindi, and was written by her mother, and produced by Bollywood composer Monty Sharma.

The event, ‘Music Beyond Borders’, staged at the Indian consulate Auditorium in Dubai was held in celebration of the 75 year anniversary of India’s independence, and 50 years of establishment of the United Arab Emirates. Even the Consul General of India in Dubai, Ajay Puri, was in attendance for the event.

TC Satish, Suchetha’s father, works as a dermatologist at the Unicare Medical Centre in Dubai. the young girl was already in the spotlight, having sung in 102 languages at the age of 12. Suchetha had reportedly said that Dubai had given her a good platform to learn songs in various languages as it is a mix of world cultures. she said that she had a lot of friends across India. She added that her friends helped her with diction in the languages while singing. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized her achievement on their website on September 25.

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