Formula To Success Is A Mystery You Must Solve For Yourself: Navixha Bagga

There is a lot said and heard about women supporting each other, but not enough demonstrated. - Navixha Bagga

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Navixha Bagga shared her story of being a blogger along with managing her corporate job in healthcare IT. Bagga talks about multitasking her way through life and how her career motivates her to bring change by speaking to people from different walks of life.

Bagga is a mother of two and is based out of Philadelphia in the United States Of America. She is energised to hustle as she balances content creation and a day job along with other responsibilities. She motivates other women to follow their path and keep at it. She has faced failure but did not let that define her and only grew stronger from there.

Bagga said she is passionate about her professional work and takes immense satisfaction and pride in helping organisations deliver technology and analytical solutions that enable strategic orientation, optimise processes, garner meaningful data insights, and maximise

business value. She says, “Creating synergised, self-managed, high-producing teams and setting up optimisation operating models to deliver technology projects is an interest and a constant motivation for me.”

Navixha Bagga: Life As A Blogger

Through her blog, Bagga shares life nuggets with her followers, which are her, “own experiences and escapades from navigating the vicissitudes and the myriad shades of daily life”. She said she tries starting thought-provoking conversations on her creative platforms: “I strive to bring personalities who are agents of change and offer thought-provoking ideas and share the simple yet profound insights from their journeys.”

When asked what the biggest opportunities she currently sees in her space, Bagga answered, “Online platforms and social media have truly converted the world into a virtually connected globally-local community – one that is only a click or a tap away. So, the opportunity as a social media content creator is incredibly immense … almost infinite. However, given there is no barrier to entry, the path to making a true impact amongst the innumerable creators, bloggers, etc., is extremely arduous and the formula to success is a mystery that only you must solve for yourself.”


According to Bagga, the leadership traits one should possess are “Unshaking, consistent, almost a hard-headed persistence, combined with engaging, meaningful, and quality content – I feel is the game’s name.” 

Challenges Faced As A Woman In Business

Being a woman in this business, Bagga talks about the struggles and challenges she faced throughout her journey. She said, “Proving myself as a younger woman in the workplace was challenging. Back in the day, getting past my inhibitions of how different I looked and sounded as an immigrant required a lot of work. To get people to look beyond my accent and somewhat trepidant confidence, and recognise what I had the potential to bring to the table, was hard.”

Bagga spoke about one of the toughest times in her career when she lost a job of 10 years in 2018 and how she pulled herself out of it. She said, “At that juncture, I had two options: self–doubt, self-depreciation, and loads of dejection. Or to find a renewed purpose and new energy and come back stronger. What could have been a period of remorse and low self-esteem became the Kickstarter in helping me rediscover and redefine myself. That summer, my blog ‘Organise Your Life’ was born, and it truly infused a new and invigorating life in my existence.”

The ability to extract possibilities from different tangents and be propelled by a desire to not stagnate, to harbor a persistent growth mindset.

Biggest Achievement In Life


Navixha Bagga spoke about the most enthralling part of her journey when she organised a 5k run in a saree for a group of people. She explained her feeling as she said, “I have lived the past four months fully packed with a relentless passion that ticked in every heartbeat and raced through my veins even as I rested at night. Every moment was in some robust or sublime fashion, a moment earnestly lived, breathed, dreamt, or spent silently chipping away for the #OYLSareeWalk. The undertaking was huge – I had no clue what I signed up for, from the standpoint of doing justice to the milestone first 5K in a saree in the US (if not outside of India!).”

Bagga shared her opinion about being a creator and where she finds motivation for it, “Given the sheer visibility of what you do as a creator can bring an overwhelming sense of vulnerability – your success is out there and so is your moment of dullness. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on your mindset and be mission-driven, not by the glory of success. This determination provides the impetus, despite failing, to keep trying.”

She also spoke about some bitter-sweet parts of her journey as she said, “There have been several moments of self-doubt, questioning why I am here, wondering why I put myself through the terrifying exposure, struggling through intermittent spells of lower engagement, pushing through episodes of lower zing … But, keeping at it. With give or take that same 100% plus commitment.”

When asked about her plans, Bagga said that she doesn’t worry too much about the future. She said she just wants to focus on moving and always keep her attention on bringing value to her audience.”

Bagga shared the changes that occurred in her life after starting her blogging journey. She said, “the biggest shift I’d like to express is – my initial focus from only building and putting out content has evolved into an intention of nurturing a community and creating a connection with anyone who follows my work. Until a short while ago, my biggest driver was coming out of my comfort zone and attaining personal growth. Now, I am more conscious of how my work relates to those who spend precious time interacting with it.”

navixha bagga Navixha Bagga And Her Tribe


Women Are The Biggest Supporters

Bagga paid her gratitude to the women who supported her and her business. A piece of advice for other " target="_blank" rel="noopener">businesswomen from her “There is a lot said and heard about women supporting each other, but not enough demonstrated. From my story, I can share wholeheartedly that it was my tribe of women friends, die-hard supporters, agony-aunty, soul-sisters, partners-in-crime – call them what you will, but other women have been my rock and a big, big support system for me. The most glorious magic happens when women join forces and operate from trust and partnership. We are especially more unstoppable when together!!”

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