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First Night With Your Husband? This is Your Checklist

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First night with husband? Here’s your checklist. Sexual intimacy in a relationship is as important as to have an understanding and emotional bond. But it can only happen when you are sure about it and don’t rush.

If it’s your first night with your husband and you have never had sex before, you might be a little worried about how the experience will be like. You can be scared, anxious and nervous about it. But don’t worry, we are here to discuss everything that you should add to your first night checklist.

Make sure you put these things on your first night checklist for a problem free sex life

1. Consent

The most important thing for sex is consent of both partners. Getting married does not mean there is no need of consent. It matters even in a marriage. Don’t do it if you don’t want to. Have sex whenever you feel safe, comfortable and happy around your partner. Sex without consent is wrong even if it happens after marriage. It is a reality and is called marital rape. It’s shocking that it is not a criminal offence yet. However, it is definitely not something a woman should tolerate.

2. Comfort

It is not necessary to have sex in the first night. People can get intimate in many ways other than penetration. So make sure that you are comfortable with your partner. Note it that you cannot have a sexual relationship with someone you are not comfortable with.

3. Communication

Talk to each other regarding how you’re feeling about your expectations and preferences towards it. This will eliminate all misunderstandings and guesswork and build trust. When getting sexually intimate, it is important to know each others’ needs to make the experience free from all complains.

4. Contraception

If you do not want children immediately after marriage, you can use contraception. the best contraception method is condom. You can either ask your partner to use a condom or use it yourself. Yes, female condom is available and is very similar to male condoms. It is worn inside the vagina, thereby preventing sperms from going into the uterus at the time of sexual intercourse. You can remove it easily after sex by pulling it from the ring present at the top of it. You deserve to take care of your own sexual health and safety. So you can always keep it handy with you.

5. Explore your body

It is very important to know your body well. You must know what you like and what you don’t so that you can explain the same to your partner and have a satisfactory sex life. Your orgasm and pleasure is as much important as your partner’s. Remember, your first time is not likely to be your best time. But if you are kind, gentle and honest with your partner then it can be a sweet and fun experience. It’s like a practical experience which you can understand gradually.

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