Priyanka Chopra Roasts Nick Jonas: Ten Things To Know

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The Jonas Brothers Family Roast was released on November 23. It’s the day when Chopra dropped the surname Jonas from her social media account name and the media went berserk on theories of possible separation. On the same day, she appeared on the show along with Nick, Kevin and Joe. Roasting is a form of humour where each individual is subjected to jokes at their expense, in the Jonas brother show, as the name suggests it was at the expense of Jonas brothers.

Actor Priyanka Chopra, who made her career in Hindi cinema and crossed over to Hollywood married singer Nick Jonas in 2018. In the show, however, Chopra addressed all the trolling points used in past to make fun of the Chopra-Jonas relationship.

Here are ten things to know from when Priyanka Chopra Roasts Nick Jonas:

– The couple were trolled for the age gap between them, Priyanka is ten years older than Nick Jonas.

– Addressing the age gap, Priyanka said, “Nick and I have a 10 year age gap, we do and there are many 90 pop culture references which he doesn’t understand and I teach him.”

– Adding to this, she roasted him on his career too. “He showed me how to use TikTok for example. And I showed him what a successful acting career looks like,” she said.

– The other was about her decision on marrying Nick Jonas. “I wouldn’t want to marry anyone other than Nick Jonas unless Chris Hemsworth is still single, that might change things,” she said.

– Not just the age gap, but trolls often raised the issue about their marriage being a publicity stunt. To which Chopra said, “Since we got married, people questioned our marriage. They were like ‘Oh! it’s a publicity stunt.’ How could it be? I didn’t even know how famous he was. All I knew was that he’s Kevin’s baby brother.”

– In conclusion, the actor said, “I really love you guys, Kevin, Joe you guys are amazing. Nice, you’ve changed my life, I wouldn’t want to babysit, I mean being married to anyone else. Ever.”

– The show began with the Jonas brothers bickering at the dinner table and then moving it to the basement calling it “their own fight club”.

– The other roasters from the family were Danielle Jonas and Sophia Jonas.

– It also featured Lily Singh, Pete Davidson, John Legend.

– The show was hosted by roastmaster Kenan Thompson and is streaming on Netflix.

You can watch the trailer here.

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