Who Is Pratima Bhoumik? One Of The 7 Women To Take Oath As Cabinet Minister

Who is Pratima Bhoumik
From Kabaddi to farming, Pratima Bhoumik has experienced it all. She is one of the 6 women to make it into the list of reshuffled 43 cabinet ministers on July 7. The reshuffle comes as an attempt to revamp his administration in his second term after the cabinet was heavily criticised for their management of the pandemic, the rising prices and more.

Bhoumik, in a first, is the only woman to be a permanent resident of Tripura and a member of the union cabinet. She made it into the list of reshuffled cabinet ministers on July 7 and here is a look at who she is.

Who is Pratima Bhoumik?

  • The 51-year-old Indian politician is a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party and hails from a village called Baranarayan under the Sonamura sub-division.
  • She is given the title of Didi and popularly known as the same.
  • Bhoumik also holds the credit of being the second woman from the Northeast to make it to the Union cabinet, after Vijaya Chakraborty of Assam.
  • Bhoumik is a science graduate and has entered the field of politics in the year 1991 as a BJP activist and leader.
  • Prior to the 2019 West Tripura Lok Sabha elections, Bhoumik made the statement, “If I become an MP, which I have a feeling that I will win the election, I can do so much more for the youth by opening the job market for them here in Tripura.”
  • In the said election, she defeated sitting MP Shankar Prasad Dutta with a margin of 3,05,689 votes prior to which she assured work equality among men and women by bringing bigger corporates to Tripura

Pratima Bhoumik: The Minister In Saree And Slippers

Bhoumik is famous for her saree and slipper attire. Born to a farmer family in a remote village of Tripura, Bhoumik saw a long journey to finally make it into the Union cabinet. Coming from a farmer’s family, Bhoumik herself had years of experience in the field.

Reportedly, Bhoumik also holds the experience of being a sportsperson as she was a professional Kho-kho and Kabaddi and participated in several blocks, district and state-level events.