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5 Women Share How They Are Struggling To Get Themselves Registered On CoWin

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As India battles the COVID-19 surge, we are all considering the option to get the vaccine. But none of us are spared from the rigmarole of registering ourselves on the CoWin app to make the task easier. While we try to carry out the procedure of CoWin registration, there are a number of issues which pile up preventing us from completing the process successfully. Candidates have to either keep waiting for vacant time slots or face auto cancellation of their registration. These might appear to be severely tiring but there’s much more people all over the country are going through.

The News Minute reported that in Bengaluru, a few lucky ones got the slots while others didn’t whereas, in states like Chennai and Tamil Nadu, many got the slots but these were auto-cancelled. On the other hand, many from the state of Gujarat claimed to have been successfully vaccinated. The shortage of vaccine doses is a major reason why many of the states haven’t been able to start the phase three of the vaccination drive.

SheThePeople spoke to 5 women about their struggles related to the CoWin registration. Their problems might differ but they must all be equally addressed.

Unavailability of time slots: A major concern

Struggles to find suitable time slots is a problem majority of the citizens are dealing with. Naina Singh (name changed on request), living in Ranchi, Jharkhand said that the CoWin registration is not so easy a task as it seems. She and her acquaintances have been dealing with the inability to get convenient time slots.

“The vaccination drive has again reminded us of the fact that even in such a dire situation, we cannot just think of the problem at hand and register for whichever slot is available. There are several factors we need to consider, like what time are we allotted, how far is the centre and how are we supposed to reach there. If the slot is of a later time in the evening, we need to be worried for more than just contracting the virus, such is the state of affairs. I have a few friends and family members who have household commitments and small kids whom they cannot leave behind just like that,” said Singh.

Ritika Mehra (name changed on request), living in North Bengal is facing the same issue. She has been trying to register herself and her family for vaccination since a long time but without any success. “It’s been a week since I’m trying to register myself and my family for the COVID vaccination procedures. But we haven’t been notified the details yet. We are being told there are no vacant slots available”. She added, “I think it’s crucial for the government to act up and provide vaccination for the elder citizens at least, considering the worsening of the situation because I believe there are still many elders out there who haven’t got theirs done”

Shortage of vaccine doses

Ankita Pandey, hailing from Hoogly, West Bengal said that she tried the CoWin registration procedure for both herself and her mother. However, she has not received any positive outcome yet. The shortage of vaccine doses is yet another challenge she has seen people facing.

“Literally government is asking to take the vaccine but is it even available? I have tried to book slots for my mother. It’s been more than 10 days but it’s still not confirmed. Even I tried to book slots for myself but the result is same. I have seen so many people who have got the first dose but second dose is not available. Situation is really becoming pathetic,” Pandey said.

Unavailability of vaccination centres

If you think unavailability of time slots and shortage of vaccine doses are the only problems young women are facing, you are wrong. The app has some technical glitches too. We are hopeful that these errors will get fixed soon.

Diksha Kumari (name changed on request), another resident of West Bengal is unable to find vaccination centres online. So, her parents had to follow the offline procedure to get their jabs. “I tried to register for my parents’ vaccination but no vaccination centre showed up on the app for my location. Since my parents are more vulnerable to the disease, they decided to take it following the offline proceedings. They have taken the first dose of vaccine. I am still waiting to get my CoWin registration done”, said Kumari.

CoWin registration inconvenient for the elderly

The older generation of our country does not have access to the internet. This is why they are unable to register themselves. Sriya Sinha, an Economics student at the University of Allahabad had a similar story to share. “An elderly relative of mine, who is 71 years old lives all by herself in the outskirts of the town. She hasn’t yet received even the first dose of the vaccine. Since she doesn’t have access to the internet, she cannot get herself registered. Moreover, it is difficult for her to go to the vaccination centre alone. Due to the restrictions imposed in the city, I cannot go and help her right now. But I’ll do it whenever possible”.