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Period Sex Tips: Eight Things You Should Keep in Mind

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Is it natural for women to feel horny during periods? Apart from being messy, is period sex safe? With so many questions on their mind, women wonder how to navigate period sex with their partners. Shivangi Pradhan talks about period sex tips for a pleasurable experience for both.

1. Talk to your partner

Ask your partner how they feel about it and share your own concerns and thoughts. As we know, the most important factor in every relationship is communication. Make sure both of you are on the same page. Go ahead only when it’s a mutual decision.

2. Use a towel

Nobody likes to stain their bedsheets. So, it’s an easy rescue to keep a towel. Place it on your bed before you get started and rinse it immediately after you are done. It is advisable to use a dark-coloured or red towel.

3. Keep tissues or wipes to clean up

You can keep either of these handy to clean yourself after the act. Mostly, people visit the washroom after having sex to take a shower or to clean up leaving the trails of fluid behind. So you can use tissues to wipe up every mess.

4. Try period sex in the shower

If you don’t want to get messy at all, you can try having period sex in the shower. Having regular sex in the shower can wash off the natural lubricants coming from your vagina. But menstrual blood during period sex will provide just the right amount of lubricant.

Apart from being messy, is period sex safe? With so many questions on their mind, women wonder how to navigate it with their partners. In this article we bring you 8 period sex tips

5. Use birth control and practice safe sex

There is always a chance of you getting pregnant while you are on your periods because nothing is fool proof. In India, 33 per cent women have irregular period cycles. This means, you may not know when you are menstruating and when you are ovulating. So keep a track on that.

Doctors say it is always possible to catch Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) while having sex. Menstruation has nothing to do with STI prevention. In fact, any virus like HIV can be easily transmitted through menstrual blood. So don’t take a risk. Protection is crucial during period sex just like at any other time.

6. Take out your tampon or menstrual cup

If you are having penetrative sex, then ensure that you take your tampon or menstrual cup out. Remember that it is not a form of birth control. You should not keep wearing it during penetration. However, if you are having oral sex, it’s up to you to choose whether you want to wear the tampon or menstrual cup or not. Decide what is more comfortable for you and act accordingly.

7. Cleaning before foreplay

Before you get started, you should take a shower or clean your vaginal area. This will make you feel more confident. Depending upon the flow of your period blood, you can remove your pad, menstrual cup or tampon. However, it’s your comfort that matters the most. Do what you feel is right for you at the moment.

8. Keep the odour away

Though period smell is normal, if you or your partner are too conscious and worried with the smell, you can keep scented candles, perfume or room freshener to combat it. This will brighten up your mood and you might enjoy the process more.

Women have been struggling with the shame around their sexuality and menstruation for centuries. But there’s no biological reason why should feel bad or ashamed about either of the things. In fact, period sex has several mental and physical benefits. Hence, if you and your partner are comfortable with it, enjoy it.

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