Overcoming 5 obstacles to achieve success


As successful as women-owned business ventures are today, women still have to face more obstacles compared to their male counterparts. As entrepreneurs, women across the world deal with a similar set of challenges. Here are a few successful women sharing the biggest hurdles they have had to face.



Men have always understood the value of building networks and have maintained their exclusive ‘boys club’. These are usually quite difficult for women to penetrate. “We are late to the game, and we have to support each other by developing strong ‘girls clubs,’” says Carolyn Leonard, CEO of DyMynd



President and CEO of Alarm Capital, Amy Kothari believes that as an entrepreneur, it is important to master your decision making skills. She adds, “Avoiding ‘paralysis by analyses’ is a major obstacle, but it is also not an excuse to overlook contrasting viewpoints.”



It’s difficult for women to find investors as compared to men. Angel investors and venture capitalists (intentionally or unintentionally) favour men over women. Geri Stengel, author of ‘Forget the Glass Ceiling: Build Your Business Without One’, advises women: “Don’t do it alone! [Seek] advice from a variety of sources, including co-founders, professional advisers such as accountants and lawyers, peer advisory groups, CEO mastermind groups, boards of advisers, and family members.”


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Being able to manage time well is one of the biggest obstacle most women face. While trying to manage multiple things at a time, they leave no time for themselves and their health.  “As an entrepreneur, you love what you do, so taking a break is challenging. But you need to work on your business, not in it. Delegate relentlessly, and inspire people to want to do a job for you,” says Michelle Touchstone, founder of Pixie Dust Naturals.



 Founder of the Guava Project, Jennifer Kent believes that stopping oneself from taking the next step because of fearing failure is wrong. She says, “Stop waiting for permission or recognition from others in order to feel entitled to your success. Only you can award yourself the right to earn success for your career or business.”


ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Huffington Post