Five Recent Women-Led Protests That Changed the World

From Iceland's fight for gender equality to Iranian women's freedom and the battle for reproductive rights in the United States, these 5 recent protests, coupled with historical movements led by strong female voices, are forging a path towards a more equitable and compassionate world. (Image: Reuters)

1. Iceland's Struggle for Gender Equality

Iceland, often hailed as an "equality paradise," recently embarked on a historic journey toward gender equality. Tens of thousands of women and nonbinary individuals united for a one-day strike, a bold endeavor to address enduring workplace disparities. (Image credit: Reuters)

2. Iran Anti-Hijab Protest

The anti-hijab protests in Iran serve as an example of the indomitable spirit of Iranian women. Triggered by the tragic death of a woman in custody, detained for alleged hijab law violations, these women displayed exceptional courage. (Credits: Ozan Kose | AFP | Getty Images)

3. Protest Against Abortion Laws

In the United States, women have been at the forefront of protests against restrictive abortion laws. Women have organised marches, rallies, and protests, passionately demanding lawmakers protect their right to safe and legal abortions. (Image credits - Reuters)

4. Afghanistan: Resilience in the Face of Suppression

The suppression of women's rights in Afghanistan persisted despite the Taliban's promise to honour them. The suspension of university education for female students and the ban on girls returning to secondary schools drew widespread outrage. (Image credits - AFP)

5. Representation Matters: The Push for Gender Parity

In Manila and other parts of the world, thousands of women protested on International Women's Day in 2022, demanding more political power and government jobs. (Credits: AFP)