Women in the Headlines: Teenager kicks molesters to a girl taking on elections

Man jailed molesting teen

Today’s headlines about women around the world include news of DU girl who is fighting to get student-parties to follow rules of election. Another headline reflects the strength of a young girl who did not think twice to carry her brother on her shoulder to get him treated. Read these to stay updated.

    • DU girl strikes back at political parties over-spending on university elections

DU girl Ruby Malik strikes back at student-parties contesting elections. She filed a complaint with the High Court over parties spending lots of money in election process and defacing properties with hoardings. These parties are joined by the Aam Aadmi Party’s student wing CYSS as well. The girl says that the Lyngdoh committee only permitted for Rs. 5000 to be spent and no defacement of properties.


    • Eleven-year-old girl earns praises as she walked eight kilometres carrying her ill younger brother on shoulders for treatment

In a small village in Jharkhand, an eleven-year-old girl walked eight kilometres on foot carrying her seven-year-old ill brother to the hospital. Maalti Tudu, the girl, is reported to have no family apart from her brother who she got treated all by herself. People rushed to help her later when they saw her crying and the girl was sent back to her village in the hospital ambulance.


    •  Kolkata girl fights molestation, showed Karate skills on her offenders

Easy target turned into an instant hero when a 16-year-old returning home in the evening punched two drunkards who tried to molest her in Kolkata. The girl was afraid of getting sexually assaulted and that’s why she started learning Karate a year ago. Thankfully karate came to the girl’s rescue and left the two offenders running for their lives.


    • Queen Elizabeth to be the longest reigning monarch of England, going to deliver public speech

Queen Elizabeth II is to become the longest reigning monarch. On this occasion, she will give a public speech to thank her supporters. The queen, who prefers pre-recorded messages over public appearance, is making an exception this time. It is expected that she will address the nation from a railway station in Scotland which has just been built.


    •  A female Muslim flight-attendant files complaint against ExpressJet airlines over discrimination

A Muslim flight attendant filed a discrimination complaint against ExpressJet airlines with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The flight-attendant, by the name Charlee Stanley, was suspended from ExpressJet last month for not serving alcohol to passengers. The spokeswoman of the airlines said that it values diversity but cannot comment on personal matters.


Feature Reference Image: Indian Express