Women’s Commission Of Kerala Considered 126 Cases In Latest Adalat

Poorvi Gupta
May 11, 2019 18:21 IST
Women Commission Of Kerala

Kerala Commission for Women held another one of its Adalat initiatives recently in which it considered a total of 126 cases varying from civil cases related to property disputes and family issues. It realised that one of the prevalent aspects related to cases has been that complainants approach different agencies and sought a solution for the same problem.


“There were several instances in which women lodge complaints at the behest of men. The number of complaints based on civil issues is also on the rise,” said commission member M S Thara as she responded to media queries at the commission headquarters after the Adalat finished. Out of the total 126 cases, it disposed of 26 cases and sought a report in 11 cases. In six cases, it suggested counselling and said that one would be considered in the commission sitting.

While property disputes and family issues were leading challenges taken up by the commission this time, alcohol consumption and suspicions on fidelity were prominent matters leading to family fights in its Adalat held in November 2018. The dispute over ancestral property though has been a consistent cause of tension in the family. In November, the commission looked at 86 cases of which 21 were settled, 10 cases were sent for counselling and a report was sought in nine cases.

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“Of the cases at the Adalat, a majority pertained to disputes between children and aged parents, and those between spouses,” said Shahida Kamal, member, KSWC.

There were several instances in which women lodge complaints at the behest of men. The number of complaints based on civil issues is also on the rise.

Most numbers of cases that have been resolved in the Adalat was when the Kerala Women’s Commission held it’s Adalat in March last year which was a total of 51 cases. The commission dealt with 150 cases then of which it settled 51 cases and postponed 83 cases for the next hearing. Headed by chairperson M C Josephine along with members Shiji Viji and E M Radha, the commission handled cases ranging from non-repayment of loan to cheating.


In one of the cases, a woman had complained against a friend alleging non-repayment of loan the latter took from her. The incident has left the woman, a retired government employee, penniless. She had to move out of her house and shift to a rented place along with her bed-ridden husband and children. The woman had given Rs 5 lakh to her friend who failed to pay her back. In all this, she lost her house and 13 cents of land.

In yet another case, the husband and the wife claimed that they only pretended to be a couple for eight years of their marriage. The husband said that he was taking revenge against his relatives who forced him into marriage. While the woman agreed for a compromise, the husband was adamant. The Adalat postponed this case for the next hearing.

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