6 Winter foods that keep you warm and energised

Dec 12, 2016 04:17 IST
Winter foods

Winter is here! Scratch that Game of Thrones flashback you just got, and take this literally. It's December and some parts of the country are in the sarso ka saag and gajar ka halwa vibe. With winter comes a menu of what to eat; seasonal fruits, veggies, leafy greens, nuts. Now while your sweater will do a fabulous job protecting you from the cold winds, you need to keep your body warm from the inside also and to spare you the headache of research, we give it to you a list of edibles that are a must for this cold season.



This is the base ingredient in the kitchen during winters; not only does it help you stay warm, it also helps boost the digestive system. The gingerol present in ginger is a substance that has medicinal properties keeping you immune system steady.

Whole Grains


Best to keep your weight and body temperature in check. That healthy bowl of oats you have in the morning is not just to keep the unhealthy fat away, but it also keeps you warm from the inside. Adding oatmeal, brown rice or barley to your meals doesn't look like a dull idea now, does it?


The ultimate go-to food in the cold season. Who doesn't relish it?! A plain chicken soup or vegetable soup is a saviour for those suffering from a bad cold. With just the right spices and the right temperature, the soup should be good enough to keep you warm in your bed.



While eggs do keep you warm in winters, it is also to be noted that it is something that can also be consumed during the summers. There's no such thing as, 'it's too hot to be eating eggs'. It is a good source of protein and the egg whites have less fat and cholesterol than the yolks. (Of course the jury is out on the number of eggs that's ideal, but we'd cap it at 2 max!)

Jaggery Jaggery 



A perfect combo with bajra roti (pearl millet Indian bread), jaggery is delicious and keeps you toasty on a chilly evening. Also, since it is made from unrefined sugar, you do not have to count your calories when consuming it. Jaggery also aids in proper digestion and cleanses the liver. Its anti-oxidant properties help prevent early aging too.

Sweet Potatoes


Root vegetables like sweet potatoes help raise your body temperature as they need more energy to move through the digestion process. High in vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium, sweet potatoes adds fiber and other nutrients to a warm winter meal. Sweet potato is often sold on streets in North India slowly roasted over coals and served with some dressing.

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