Siddhi Trivedi’s success story has answers for all entrepreneurs

30 years medical innovation & strategic partnership, Siddhi Trivedi of Proof Work is a winner of the Digital Women Award 2017. Her firm, is using blockchain to explore a breakthrough in patient case. Based out of United Kingdom, Proof Work is calling its work a part of Internet of Medical Things.

Why did you opt for entrepreneurship?
My career has naturally progressed to entrepreneurship as I made money for my organization, but always knew I could do better if I made it on my own and enjoy the freedom to choose how to turn ideas in to marketable goods.

Combining actual high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol, and the use of smart contracts, Proof Work states that it is building the world’s first building blocks for publicly verifiable, community-driven pharmaceutical and patient wellness programs

What was your biggest road block?
I have always had to prove myself in a man’s World … my experience and skills were never enough. But this made me more resilient and stronger to be more focused in my goals.

What was most inspiring in your journey?
My journey has been a rollercoaster. But at each road block, I have been blessed with amazing Mentors , the biggest breakthrough was when I was in my 30s and my first real mentor at ATKearney fully supported me and instilled a sense of self-worth and confidence. If he had not recruited and taken me under his wings, my journey may have ended differently.

Advise that held you in good stead?
1/ Don’t give up : failure is good .Infact you only fail if you stop trying
2/ Find a good mentor and there are plenty of us around willing to lift others up. Don’t try and do this alone( it’s much harder).
3/ Choose your team carefully, don,t just look at your friends ; make sure each member of the team adds value and skills to your project.

One thing you would fix if given a chance.
Nothing is broken, everything is a learning journey, make mistakes and keep improving.

Advise to your younger self?
Nothing other than to stay focused because there is a great view at the top