Star wrestler and the first Indian ever – man or woman – to be nominated for the prestigious Laureus World Sports Award, Vinesh Phogat is now India’s latest sports sensation who is known for her arrogance on the mat. Speaking to PTI in an interview, India’s gold medallist in the Asiad and Commonwealth Games attributed her stubborn attitude for reaching great heights in the sport.

Stubborn & How

The first woman wrestler to claim an Asian Games gold medal is now nurturing her Olympic dreams. She said, “I am very stubborn, since childhood. If I feel something is right, even if that is wrong, I will be very stubborn about that and I make sure people agree with me even if I am wrong sometimes.”

“If someone explains with love and proves that my thought process is wrong and I also start to realise that, then I concede and step back,” Vinesh Phogat

Turning Arrogance into Strength 

When asked about how she uses that arrogance as strength, she claimed, “Yes people say that (arrogant) but I know what’s inside me. And if it helps me on the mat, I don’t bother.”

Talking further about people’s perception about her trait, she added, “It helps me on the mat. People say it’s over-confidence but for me it’s belief. I don’t get intimidated and your opponent also notices the body language. Some people work on it but for me, it’s God gift.”

Marriage & Balancing Life

Talking about her recent wedding to fellow wrestler Somvir Rathee and how she balances life and profession, the champion wrestler said she is enjoying marital bliss. “People say that after marriage, we lose spark and fire but I want to break this myth. I want to take this fear out of girls that marriage is a barrier. I want to be an example, so I decided to marry early,” said the 24-year-old.

“Of course you need the support of your partner. There are a few in our society who do not believe in (love) relationships (without marriage) so they will ask why don’t you get married and some will say why marry so early? Now Olympics is a major competition and I have all the support of Somvir,” she said.

Picture credit: TOI

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