This UP Bride Chased Runaway Groom For 20 Kms, Got Him Back To Mandap

UP Bride Chases Groom For 20 Kms, Brings Him To Mandap
A bride’s wedding day was unexpectedly turned into a chase when her fiancé decided against getting married in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. In her wedding attire and unable to believe that she had been rejected, the bride set off on a 20-kilometre chase to find and marry the man.

The incident occurred in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, where the bride chased the groom for 20 kilometres as he fled the wedding ceremony. The bride, who had been dating her two-and-a-half-year-long boyfriend, agreed to a wedding date after extensive discussions between the families.

A wedding date was eventually settled upon, and it was agreed that the couple would exchange vows on Sunday at the Bhuteshwar Nath Temple. However, the situation took a worrisome twist when the groom failed to arrive at the venue within a significant period of time on the day of the wedding.

UP Bride Chases Groom

The bride, who had been waiting for the boyfriend to arrive at the mandap, contacted the groom numerous times after learning of the groom’s disappearance, but he never answered. Later, when they spoke on the phone the groom claimed that he had gone to bring his mother to the venue.

But she didn’t have faith in him. She then embarked on a 20-kilometre pursuit to track down the missing groom and return him to the mandap.

Finally, she spotted him on a bus outside of the city of Bareilly, close to a police station, wearing only a T-shirt and trousers. The two families took the couple to a temple following an argument that reportedly lasted two hours.

The two got married in a temple outside of Bareilly after the groom’s family approved of the union. The videos of the ceremony show the groom performing the marriage ceremony in regular clothes while the bride was in her bridal clothes and their relatives looked on in regular clothing. Social media is flooded with images from the ceremony. Watch the video here.

The families and those who observed applauded the bride for having the “courage to save her marriage” and criticised the groom for “running away from the responsibility of marriage” after agreeing to marry the woman.

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