The Journey to Mykolaiv

Krystal Kherson, the girls' football team, embarks on a 70-kilometer journey to Mykolaiv for a football competition, seeking solace and distraction from the harsh realities of their war-torn surroundings. (Image Credit - AFP)

Motivational Kickoff

On Mykolaiv's pitch, Coach Vyacheslav Rol motivates the team, acknowledging their strength during occupation and bombings. (Image Credit - AFP)

Training as a Distraction

Coach Rol shares the importance of training for these young players. "The training is good for them. They forget about the bombs," he emphasises. (Image credit: AFP)

Football Amidst War

The city of Kherson, occupied by Russian forces for eight months last year, remains near the frontlines, but the spirit of these girls on the field remains unbroken (Image credit: AFP)

A Song of Resilience

The team, clad in their blue and green fluorescent jerseys, chant a popular local song: "Kherson, I dream of you at night!" (Image credit: AFP)

Symbol of Strength

At the end of the competition, the Kherson girls proudly walk beside a Ukrainian flag, embodying the resilience and strength of their city. Placing third out of six teams, they return to their beleaguered city with smiles, echoing their coach's words, "Kherson stays strong!" (Image credit: AFP)