Tech geek to entrepreneur: Meena Shah of iView Labs

Meet tech geek turned entrepreneur Meena Shah, who turned shifting a city into an opportunity and co-founded iView Labs

Jun 02, 2016 06:47 IST
Meena Shah on SheThePeople

Everyone has a little geek inside them, don't they! Our woman today decided to use her nerdy facet to enter into a technology business with the help of her husband.  What started off as an average  run-of-the-mill discussion between a couple about ideas and the techie universe, has now been transformed into a thriving business in the city of Ahmedabad. A Mumbai-chi Mulgi at heart, Meena Shah turned her move into a new city move into a tremendous business opportunity!


Proud to be a nerd

"I have spent more than a decade in the technology space. I love solving problems and I strongly believe that with the use of technology we can craft beautiful new experiences for people around us. I still remember the first functional software which I had created and I was super happy and proud of building something, even though it was not used by the client for whom it was built! In my career with major MNCs I have had a lot of exposure to the business, functional, user and technical side of building great products. At iView Labs, my vision is to build to successful and  intelligent products."

Meena Shah on shethepeople A technology geek who is now a successful business woman: Meena Shah


Every woman should be bold enough to get into the role of entrepreneurship

The origin of the business- iView Labs Ltd.

"Our start was not like most of startup companies where you have an idea and you build a company around it.  Shifting my base from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and starting from scratch in a new city was a great opportunity for me to build something of my own. Fortunately Siddharth (my husband and my Co-Founder), had similar ideas, of building meaningful things. In the initial days of our marriage, we used to share stories of our professional experiences and talk about different ideas and products that could be used for a start-up. I think that’s how we started exploring thoughts for our venture. Back in 2012, interactive technology like multi touch, gestures was very new and fresh in India. That’s where we thought we should build our venture- providing innovative interactive solutions which the regular IT companies don’t do. That’s where we established our niche and our brand. Today people come to iView seeking  innovation."


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The challenges of Starting Up

"I don’t think the challenges that I have faced were specific to me being a woman. These challenges are same that any entrepreneur  faces while starting up. Getting funds, forming a team, getting the right business model etc."


Meena Shah launched a innovation solution buisness The husband wife duo behind the company

Do each day one thing which fears you, also challenges you

Are there enough women in tech?


"Yes, I think times are changing. You would definitely see a  good representation of women in lower positions but as you move higher in the hierarchy, you would see less women taking managerial, leadership positions. I will just share an experience with you about my company. My first teammate was a female and she left once she got married and the similar situation repeated time and again. This shows that there is a strong women fall out after a certain age. But yeah,  I would also like to add here that different cities have different cultures and different ratios. We need to encourage more women to go ahead and take their professional career path. I strongly feel that one day we should be able to create the right eco system where women don’t have to leave their professional career paths unless it’s their choice to do so."

The woman entrepreneur needs to be bold

" Every woman should be bold enough to get into the role of entrepreneurship - because let me assure you, it's not smooth sailing at all.  They should be up for challenges and taking risks and should be able to set the right goals.Striking a balance between work and home will always be difficult and that’s where the right priorities need to be set with the help of a good support system of family, friends, coworkers etc."


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The work mantra.

"Do each day one thing which fears you, challenges you."


Advice to today's business women

"Start early and be bold. Don’t hold yourself back against the failures, they are the little potholes that you face while walking."

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