There are many reasons to not attend yet another repetitive New Year’s Eve party, and all of them are justified. New Year’s Eve means social gatherings spent being shoved against sweaty enthusiasts on the dance floor, or holding up your bestie’s hair while she pukes out that extra glass of rum punch she shouldn’t have had. But there are times when you just don’t feel like obliging your colleagues, or your friends have plans which don’t include you. Bad break-ups or simple fatigue…every reason is valid to make you disillusioned with social gatherings and booze filled house parties on and around New Year’s Eve. The only person who deserves your company in times when you seek peace and solace, is yourself.

So here are some ways to ring in a kickass solo New Year, without having to depend on friends for that Goa trip, which always goes down the drain last minute

Stay at home

Look at the polluted air outside. Look at those clogged bumpy roads. It will be ten times worse on New Year’s Eve. So why not stay at home and spend some time doing what you love to do the most? That book you have been planning to read since ages. The new season of that interesting series that got you hooked last year. Or even re-runs of the much loved Friends.

  Pop that bottle of red wine, open the party pack of Nachos and cuddle up under a blankie to enjoy some peace of mind, in your pyjamas

Discover places other than Goa

So Goa is one of the most popular destinations in India when it comes to celebrating New Year. But as a solo traveller, the endless parties, the testosterone-laden attention that you would garner, and the hefty price for accommodation, are some factors you might like to consider.

Instead, try to discover other destinations. Be it the cloudy and refreshing Assam and Meghalaya in the East, or green and serene backwaters of Kerala in the South. Discovering a new destination on your own should be on your bucket list anyway. So why not do it while ushering in the New Year?

Spa retreats

Book a spa retreat only for yourself. Such retreats are designed to calm you down and help you recharge. Perfect way to amp up your batteries before the New Year.

Plan that solo European vacation

Every year since you watched Queen or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, you think to yourself, “I am going to save up this year and take that trip to Europe.’ But as usual, you either end up spending all your savings on a shopping spree, or you and your friends fail to sync dates for that vacation.

Take that goddamn trip on your own ASAP.  Europe in Christmas is so magical. Perfect time to drink some gluh wine and get lost in twinkling snow laden tiny European alleys. And if you want to avoid freezing your bums off, then travel to southern Spain or the Mediterranean. With some planning and precautions, you will end up having the time of your life.

Go camping with other solo female adventurers

So this one is not exactly all on your own. But put those social media hours to some good use.

Connect with solo women who are interested in a guided camping trip

Make sure that no bunch of friends or BFFs make it to the group. This way you will have your personal space, and still get to interact and hang out with some cool women.

Midnight long drive

Ok, so the traffic is bad and there are humans everywhere. But instead of mingling, you can just take a long drive at midnight in your car. Close to midnight the streets are nearly empty as everyone is already at their destination. Watch some fireworks, grab a take away. But just don’t stop.


Whether you stay at home, or book a beach retreat, you won’t find peace of mind, unless you are connected to the world. If you are constantly checking your social media, or replying to every ‘Happy New Year’ gif and forward on Whatsapp, then you are technically spending time with others, and that too in a sad way. Ditch your phone if you have to, or turn off your WiFi for a night.

No point in putting in all the effort to spend some quality “me time” if you cannot do it without logging off

Book a table for one

I hope some restaurant is doing this already- A women only dinner night with single seating arrangement, dim lights and stand-up comedy. Every woman dreads being stranded at a restaurant on her own. Especially in India, where a singular woman enjoying a quite drink or dinner is an open invitation to unwanted stares, flirting and even sympathy from random strangers.

Find the place which is doing the above stated event. Or better still, reach out to other women on social media, and mass book tables for one at a fancy restaurant. Drink your beer and watch the whole world burn with envy. Why just stop at dinner and drinks? You can have a rocking DJ night, or watch a movie with your gang of unknown partners in crime.

Learn a new skill

New Year means new beginnings. So another fun way to bring in new year on your own, is to acquire a new skill. Pottery, Zumba, painting, coding, writing a book or a movie…What ever catches your fancy. There are tons of DIY videos on Internet. All you need to do is gather required material. Spend the New Year’s Eve learning something new. You can continue learning through the new year if you like it, or ditch it. Who knows where it may lead you.

Go to sleep

The best thing about being alone on New Year’s Eve is that you are answerable to no one

“Why are you leaving the party so early?”

“Why are you not dancing?”

“Why are you not drinking?”

“I know we have just met, but do you want to make out?”

Instead of answering such questions, just tuck yourself in bed early and sleep off into the brand-new year like a baby.

Don’t feel sorry, or don’t let anyone make you feel miserable about it. Spending New Year’s Eve on your own will not only increase your confidence, it will help you see your life and all its attachments from a new perspective. Our years are spinning away at supersonic speed. We are lost in making our life look cool on social media. It never occurs to us that beyond the virtual and physical social life, there is a chance at happiness and content in solitude as well.  Why not give it a chance at the very end of this year?

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