Does your regular job drain you? Do you feel stifled by the monotonous way you work every day? On the other hand, do you find spending time with kids, teaching them and keeping them engaged in activities blissful? Do you want to contribute your bit in brightening the future of some children while augmenting your income at the same time?

Then, there is a new career path paved for you, that is the right amalgamation of flexibility and creativity that you always craved for. Yes, you can become a tutorpreneur.

Who are tutorpreneurs?

Tutorpreneur is a term used for people who materialise their entrepreneurial dream by becoming a tutor. It gives them the opportunity to earn money by tutoring at home or via a plethora of websites that offer such opportunities.

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Benefits of being a tutorpreneur

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to a few tutorpreneurs to get an insight into their experiences:

50-year-old Anupama Kathuria, a mother of two grown-up kids feels that by becoming a tutorpreneur, she enjoys complete flexibility at work.

“I decide the timings and charge what suits me the best. It also helps me stay in touch with the academic curriculum of students. My grey cells keep on working.”

She also feels that this is one path that doesn’t take into account the age of a person unlike other jobs where you retire after a particular age.

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Delhi-based Tina Makhija, who teaches English to students of classes 3rd to 5th, says that the joy of being a tutorpreneur increases manifold when people get the opportunity to explore the subject they loved the most but couldn’t pursue it because of other commitments. “And who doesn’t like sharing their vast knowledge with little children and helping parents further their child’s development?”

She makes use of play cards to teach her students the basic concepts of grammar.

While not all schools permit teachers to teach the way they want to, tutorpreneurs definitely have the advantage to experiment with their teaching methodologies.

For instance, Pallavi Singh, founder of Hindilessons for foreigners in India, uses technology as a value-addition to her teaching methodology. “I have created online-flashcard database and various other pop-quizzes, “match-the-following”, “guess-the-word” games to help my students practise Hindi while they’re stuck in traffic or just have some spare time to kill. It is good to have a balance of on-paper and online materials.”

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