What Is Even The Point: Here’s How Social Media Reacted To Tarun Tejpal Verdict

Tejpal Requests In-Camera Hearing
Tarun Tejpal acquitted: The eight-year-long alleged sexual harassment case trial of the Tehelka founder has come to an end today. Tarun Tejpal who had been charged with rape, sexual harassment and wrongful confinement cases, was acquitted of all charges by a Goa sessions court on May 21.

Tarun Tejpal was accused of sexually harassing his woman colleague in North Goa back in 2013. The woman journalist alleged that she was sexually assaulted by Tejpal while they worked together. The Tehelka founder had then reportedly sent a long email of apology to the alleged survivor after the accusation. However, he pleaded “not guilty” in court after facing charges. Read the timeline of the case here.

Following the verdict, Tejpal thanked the court for being “impartial”. He further added, “The past seven-and-a-half years have been traumatic for my family as we have dealt with the catastrophic fallout of these false allegations on every aspect of our personal, professional, and public lives.” Read more on the Tejpal case verdict here.

The Goa Government also reacted to the verdict and confirmed that it would be moving High Court against it.

After the verdict was announced social media has been buzzing with contrasting reactions to it. While some people defended Tejpal and the verdict, many journalists and users have questioned it and the imbalance of power. Many netizens also pointed out how the alleged survivor was not fighting Tejpal alone but also all his “rich and powerful friends” as well.

Akancha Srivastava, a “social change leader”, and cyber safety expert tweeted her disappointment with the verdict. The founder of the Akancha Against Harassment questioned if women should even bother filing complaints and lawsuits if this will be the end result.

Entrepreneur and writer Vikas Saraswat tweeted, “Nobody has held judiciary in more contempt than those who are at the helm of it.”

Janani Sampath Veeravalli, a journalist based in Chennai, called judiciary is India a “big joke for the rich and powerful”.

Author Meghna Pant pointed out how our country has taught millions other women to normalise sexual harassment.

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