Switzerland: Ninety-Year Old Woman First To Get COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

Covid-19 Vaccine

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout begins in Switzerland, a 90-year old woman from Lucerne is the first person to get vaccinated in the country. The Swiss military distributed around 1,000,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine around Switzerland. Meanwhile, the cantons (area divisions in Switzerland are called that) of Lucerne and Appenzell Inner Rhodes are one of the first regions to begin COVID-19 vaccine shots.

The woman lives in a care home outside of the city of Lucerne. The Swiss officials did not release her name in public.

The Swiss authorities stated that residents of nursing and care homes will be the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine shots. This is because the old people belong to the group most vulnerable to the virus and its serious complications.

Zurich, which has the largest population in Switzerland, will begin the inoculation process on January 4, 2021. Furthermore, United Kingdom has already started its vaccination process amidst the new strain of COVID-19. Meanwhile, United States of America has approved the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine as well as the Moderna.

Presently, Switzerland’s count of total cases stood at 418,000, of which 318,000 have recovered and the death toll is 6333.

Variant COVID-19 Virus Most Likely Reaches Switzerland

According to reports, The National COVID-19 Task Bar Force of Switzerland stated in a press conference that it was high likely that some arrivals to Switzerland from UK and South Africa were carrying the mutated virus. Although there was no reason to panic as no cases have been officially detected, it was ‘obvious’ that some of the passengers arriving from 92 flights must be carriers of the variant form of the virus.

The Swiss authorities further stated that they contacted nearly all the people who had arrived from Britain and South Africa, which has also detected a mutated form of the virus, since December 14. All the travelers will be required to go into a ten-day quarantine. Moreover, the Swiss authorities banned all flights from these countries and imposed an entry ban on the travellers for now.Also Read: Dr Anthony Fauci Says Black Woman Behind COVID Vaccine