Declared Dead At Birth, Specially-Abled Girl Wins Rs 12.5 Lakhs On KBC


As the new season of India’s biggest game show KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) begins this year, the excitement and thrill can be felt all over the country. One participant a 29-year-old girl Noopur Singh got the golden opportunity to meet the biggest superstar of the country Mr Amitabh Bachchan and answered some tough question asked by “Computer Ji.” She not only participated but won INR 12.5 lakhs too. This is her story.

Coming from a very humble background this girl from Unnao, U.P (Uttar Pradesh) has a very inspiring life story. She was declared dead immediately after her birth and was thrown into a garbage bin by the Kanpur hospital. Fortunately, one of her relatives saw signs of life in the new-born and picked her up, saving her life. This negligence of few hours immediately after birth made her “Physically Challenged.” Nevertheless, overcoming all struggles Noopur won INR 12.5 lakhs on the game show.

For the past 11 years, this show has changed many lives and now it was time to start the show with a new season. Contestants from all over the country apply, to become the part of this prestigious show. However, only a few lucky participants get a chance to play this life-changing game with Mr Bachchan. Luckily Noopur was one of them.


  • Physically challenged 29-year-old Noopur Singh from Unnao, U.P won 12.5 lakhs on KBC’s 11th season.
  • She was declared dead after a few minutes of her birth and was thrown into a garbage bin by a Kanpur hospital.
  • One of her relatives saw signs of life in the new-born and picked her up.
  • She has cleared her B.Ed and teaches children in a playgroup and also gives free education to Class 10 students.

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Making the family proud

Noopur’s parents Ramkumar Singh and his wife Kalpana Singh, who are farmers by profession, are on cloud seven, after this news. While talking about her daughter’s journey, her mother said, “Whenever the game show was telecast on TV, Noopur would answer the questions correctly even before the contestants.” Further adding to this she said, “When this season began, we asked her to apply and she was selected. Our happiness knew no bounds when she ended up winning Rs 12.5 lakh.” reported News 18.

She was a bright student from the beginning. Her mother said in an interview that, “Noopur, despite her disability, has always been a good student. She was on the merit list in Intermediate and got through the B.Ed entrance test in the first attempt. Today, she teaches children in a playgroup and also gives free education to Class 10 students.”

Noopur and her mother hold no grudges against those doctors and believe it was their fate. “She says that it was her destiny and she does not blame anyone,” the mother said. After this win, Singh has gained popularity and has become a local star. People are gathered around her house to take pictures and selfies with her.

Nail-biting episodes ahead

Every year thousands and lakhs of people participate in order to win that mega cash price of seven crore rupees. This year Charna Gupta, from Madhya Pradesh, is all set to answer the Rs one crore question. Gupta is a Labour Inspector from Beohari with a monthly salary of 28,000 Rupees. She is the first contestant to reach the 15th question in this 11th season. Passionate about her work, she makes sure that labours in her designated area are getting fair pay and there’s no discrimination. She aspires to be an IAS Officer (Indian Administrative Service). The big mystery will be unveiled in today’s episode whether she takes the grand price home or not.

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Divya Tripathi is an intern with SheThePeople.TV