Smoking controls your mind, can lead to early menopause

Kriti Dwivedi
Jun 07, 2018 05:00 IST

While we don't want to tell you what to do, what not to do, we have put together a note on what smoking does to your health. Components of tobacco that include acetone, tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, Hydrogen cyanide and other cilia-toxic agents can leave a long lasting negative effects on the body. Here are some issues that arise as a by product of consuming cigarettes as smoking controls mind, can lead to early menopause

  1. Gives rise to mental disorders

Anxiety and irritability are the most common disorders smoking addicts face. Staying away from cigarette for too long makes them edgy and annoyed. According to a report by Health Line this is due to nicotine withdrawals. Mood stimulation is another problem they go through.

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  1. Early menopause :

While cigarette smoking is harmful for men, it is more harmful for women as it can result in an early menopause. Various researchers have proven that women who smoke experience menopause early as compared to women who don’t.

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  1. Infertility :

Smoking can increase fertility issues among both men and women. It can even result in permanent infertility among individuals who smoke a lot. It can also result in erectile dysfunction among men. For women, estrogen is important as it supports the bones to hold calcium and minerals that make them strong. At menopause, a woman's body makes much less estrogen, and this puts her naturally at risk for osteoporosis. Smoking increases her risk even more.

  1. Destroys physical attributes of an individual :


Excessive smoking can lead to wrinkly skin, yellow nails, smelly hair and unhealthy teeth. Health line reported that the sense of smell and vision also becomes poor due to smoking, which can result in a lack of appetite.

  1. Gives rise to various diseases 

Smoking can lead to dangerous diseases like lung cancer, cervical cancer, bronchitis, asthma, heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) , diabetes, blood clotting and can increase the possibility of blood cancer.


Smoking does not only affect you but also the ones close to you. Smoking might make you feel de-stressed for a short period of time but in the long run it can severely damage one’s health.

Quit smoking and help the ones around you to quit it too.

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