Six Travel Hacks to Save Time and Money!

National Tourism Day 2023

Agnes Repplier once said, “The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.” As magnifying and enriching travel may sound, the anticipation and the arrangement is always a task. There are times we do not pay heed to the little things, which later turn out to be the most important ones. 

Here are six hacks which can enrich your travel experience and make it a pleasant one –

1. Budget Savvy Travel

Before you book online, contact the medium of transport, the hotel/accommodation you consider, your tour operator and figure out whether they can match or beat the price you have found. When it comes down to a price that you are quoting via a third-party, say agents etc., the hotel or airline may even offer a more convenient and secure sale. Another mode of consideration is putting up at individual properties.

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2. Unload the extra baggage – Travel light and stress free

  • The best piece of advice I’ve ever got, is from a friend, i.e., to roll the clothes instead of folding while packing. Rolling clothes, tight, is the best method to save space. Also, it reduces chances of clothes getting wrinkled. After you’re done the packing, you may even consider tagging your luggage with something that may provide better visibility at public places.
  • Bring out the creativity in you, these DIY travel hacks shall change the way you look at monotonous packing. Consider durable, versatile, lightweight and quick-dry fashions to take with you.
  • Pack smart, make sure you have relevant clothing and footwear suitable for the climate you’re approaching and activities that you’ve planned to participate in. Most importantly, keep your valuables like passport, id’s, cash and cards close at hand when you’re on the move.

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3. Avoid the Hassle

Keep a copy of your passport and identification records online or photocopied with you along with filling the emergency contact sections. Also, you may consider keeping your business or home contact card in your luggage. Essentially, check online or enquire to make sure you are not carrying anything in your luggage that is banned at customs or from entering the places you are visiting.

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

4. Travel healthy

Speaking of health, it is necessary that you keep everything that aids your health in case of emergency or otherwise. Even though you’re all hale and hearty, make sure you pack a small kit of medical care as in basics, bandages, pain killers etc., before heading out.  

5. Live the better experience

Research the latest travel apps designed in order to ease the stress of travel. There are helpful apps like Google Translate and WiFi Finder for those constantly on the move. One effective measure you can take is to purchase a local mobile SIM card as you reach a foreign destination. It will make it easier for you to lookout for public transports and restaurant reviews. Connecting with locals can be a very enriching experience not only for you but also for them. Visit local cafes, parks, historical monuments and research on your own, it will provide a self-learning experience. 

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6. Carry your comfort with you

A certain amount of consideration and planning is required when you’re about to step out of your home, leaving your comfort behind, to venture out. However, the comfort is a part of your travel if you plan it the appropriate way. So, find your calling, go to places you’ve never been and experience it hassle-free, wherever you go!

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Bhawana is an intern with SheThePeople.TV