Techie Called Out For Sexist Comment That Women Should Not Do Coding

TechLead Patrick Shyu Called Out
Youtuber, popularly known as TechLead Patrick Shyu called out for sexist comments. Netizens react to his tweet, which sounded demeaning and disrespectful towards women.

In one of his tweets, TechLead Patrick Shyu compared tech and coding to motherhood, and claimed that women who choose this career are “fools”. He also stated that “no one wants to see a pregnant woman on the battlefield,” which added to the existing outdated stereotype of how a woman’s entire identity and purpose lies in the one act of birth-giving. This series of tweets has earned Shyu major backlash not only from women, but everyone believing that these stereotypes are outdated and sexist. The tweets have also earned Patrick Shyu the labels of being entitled and derogatory towards women.

TechLead Patrick Shyu Called Out For Sexist Comments: All The Details

TechLead Patrick Shyu has also made a video titled- “Why Women Should Not Code (ft. ex-Google software engineer)” which received many negative comments, as netizens called him out for his outdated analogy and thought process. Netizens reacted with various tweets, one user wrote- ‘If you are struggling with coding so much why don’t you leave it to us women, we seem to be doing just fine.’ The series of tweets by Shyu seem appalling and it received well-deserved backlash.

One of the tweets in the thread read- “Women shouldn’t code… perhaps be influencers/creators instead. It’s their natural strength. Coding is a brutal 24/7 job, mutually exclusive with motherhood – after 9-months of maternity leave, they come back obsolete & outdated. Elon Musk even says the birth rate is falling “too much” and No one asked for women programmers. We asked for women influencers and instead got “independent women” in pants suits. Independence does not exist if you want a family. A woman should prioritize being a good mother and wife, not a coding machine. “Mother/Wife” is a great job. ”

Patrick Shyu holds a degree in Bachelor of Science, EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences) with high honors from the University of California, Berkeley. He further completed his master’s in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California San Diego. He puts out his life on his youtube channel, along with being a tech guru, sharing instances from his life at Google, Facebook, divorce, etc.

Patrick Shyu, popularly known by his youtube username TechLead is a US-based engineer. He runs a tech youtube channel and was a software developer, former tech lead and software engineer at Google and Facebook, and a YouTuber. He also created a training program called, Tech Interview Pro which aimed to help software engineers successfully pass technical coding interviews.
Reports have revealed that Patrick ‘TechLead’ Shyu, was earlier fired from his job at Facebook, as the company didn’t approve of his youtube channel. This was also revealed in one of his youtube videos, where Techlead shared the entire story.
Usually known for his dry sarcastic humor and comments, Patrick Shyu seems to have been facing the consequences of his own doing. Latest of the controversies is his sexist tweet, aimed at women, questioning their skills in the tech industry. This tweet has not gone down well with the Netizens as they call him out for being sexist and promoting stereotypes that women are not made for the tech field and coding.