Sania Mirza Volleys Sanjay Manjrekar’s Tweet in a war of words

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Sania Mirza completed 80 consecutive weeks as World No.1 Tennis player in women’s doubles and as usual the star tweeted to celebrate this moment with her fans.

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The 29-year-old Hyderabadi is the first Indian woman to hold the No.1 ranking in the category but we all know better that on social media sites, one could get as much as laurels as criticism. One of them in this case was noted cricket commentator and former India player Sanjay Manjrekar. Manjrekar was just trying to correct the term and the words Sania used in her tweet, or was it necessary?

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Manjrekar’s ‘smart’ move then got a taste of Mirza’s backhand.

Within a span of time, it took a form of a repartee between these two and at the end of the match, the World No.1 doubles player handled the trolling softly yet knocked out the co-called corrector.

Hence,  this happened:

In reply:

Manjrekar went on and on to be sarcastic: