Richa Chadha Replies To ‘Misogynistic’ Comments By Journalist Ashok Shrivastav

Richa Chadha backs shilpa shetty
Actor Richa Chadha is one of the cause ambassadors of the “Find a Bed” initiative, which helps people in finding hospital beds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Journalist Ashok Shrivastav made comments on the selection of brand ambassadors which included Richa Chadha, Sunny Leone, and Swara Bhaskar. He said that the pictures of brand ambassadors should have been “proper”.

Richa Chadha tweeted that she was “shocked” that a “misogynistic and evil person” had been hired by Doordarshan. She said that while people are trying their best to help during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shrivastav “simply cannot help but out himself as a pervert”.

Actor Taapsee Pannu replied to Chadha’s tweet and said that Ashok Shrivastav has also written things about her. She added that she had more important Tweets to attend to and thus ignored it. “This is how he wants to put his power in use,” said Pannu.

Chadha replied to Pannu and said she was “Sorry you had to tolerate this.” She called Shrivastav’s comments as his “weakness on display” and told Pannu to carry on and ignore the “helmet heads”.

Chadha asked, “How can a person like this be working at a national broadcasting agency?” She added that she felt sorry for him and that women in his family and workplace.

The “Find a Bed” initiative is a youth-led organisation that lists all available hospital beds in real-time on its website. It was started by India’s International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN) and consists of a team of around 26,000 students across 160 cities. Prominent Bollywood actors have been contributing by sharing information regarding the availability of hospital beds on their platform.

Actor Aahana Kumra, who is also an ambassador for “Find a Bed” said that it is “an initiative for anyone who has mild symptoms of COVID-19 but cannot quarantine at home.”